Saturday, February 27, 2010

You Say You Want a Revolution?

Well you know
We all want to change the world...

We all do. The problem is which direction that change is going to take. And it appears as if President Obama's highly-touted bi-partisan health care summit clearly illustrated one thing: How profoundly divergent the two sides are in terms of political philosophy. The national discussion since has become less about meeting in the middle and more about taking sides and packing your (rhetorical?) powder. Good job as always, Baracky....

Don't believe me? A few thoughts today from 'round the web...Daniel Putkowski, posting at
When Fall The Coliseum, splits the nation into two "revolutionary" camps:

The Royalists march behind the banner of government as if their mortal souls depend upon the institution, and in a way, their souls are invested completely in the government. They require the government to issue policies and procedures with increasing complexity to manage everything from daycare to what kind of cooking oil can be used at fast food restaurants. Without the government doing these things, the country will collapse, or so they say....

.... Rebels are suspicious of granting authority to anyone, especially the government, which they view as already too powerful. They don’t require someone to tell them that not wearing a seatbelt is dangerous or that bacon fat clogs arteries. They make their choices, take their chances, and accept the consequences...If central authority was better, why do those who live under it try to avoid its mandates?

You ask me for a contribution
Well you know
We're doing what we can

Charles Hurt in the
New York Daily News, also warns of the powder keg that is being ignited by the return of the Crown to America; his concern is with who is actually confiscating the wealth of the productive:

Supposedly with enormous humility and gratitude, the government takes from us a portion of the money we pour so much of our lives into earning.

It is a piece of our very freedom that they take from us. It is, in fact, a piece of who we are.

Under the threat of the gun and jail time, we cannot refuse.

In return, the government vows to defend our borders, maintain the supreme rule of law and provide some of the most basic services.

If they fail to keep their end of the bargain? Well, it is how revolutions are born.

So it has been nothing short of staggering to watch House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in Congress risk everything to protect Rangel and keep him at the helm of the all-powerful tax law-writing House Ways and Means Committee -- that most sacred intersection between us and our government.


You say you'll change the constitution
Well you know
We all want to change your head

Andy McCarthy over at
The Corner says it's too late, we are already under the rule of The Crown, and we're f*cked:

....the next six weeks, like the next ten months, are going to be worse than we think. We're wired to think that everyone plays by the ususal rules of politics — i.e., if the tide starts to change, the side against whom it has turned modifies its positions in order to stay viable in the next election. But what will happen here will be the opposite. You have a party with the numbers to do anything it puts its mind to, led by movement Leftitsts who see their window of opportunity is closing. We seem to expect them to moderate because that's what everybody in their position does. But they won't. They will put their heads down and go for as much transformation as they can get, figuring that once they get it, it will never be rolled back.

Can I finish singing my Beatles song now?

You tell me it's the institution
Well you know
You better free your mind instead
But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao
You ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow

The Left, the Royalists, the Pelosists - they're in charge, they blame the institution, they carry their pictures of Chairman Mao, and they are using all of their power, for as long as they have it,to take as much away from us as they can and vest it in the hands of the New Crown, the federal government. Whether they hold the seats of power or not, the Crown - the rule of the federal bureaucracy - will survive them.

Unless, of course, there is some type of a revolution. Seems like Obama really lit the fire under one last Thursday, with his final damn the torpedoes and screw all your logical arguments, we are going full-bore to socialize your health-care, and we'll let the dust settle in November summation of his summit.

Me? I'm a rebel, but you guessed that already...

"Let them call me rebel and welcome, I feel no concern from it; but I should suffer the misery of devils, were I to make a whore of my soul."
~Thomas Paine


Publius said...

Very nice! Very artful. The type of stuff I strive for. Well done!

The dems think they can combat the idea of revolution by portraying it as violence. Even though their own 60's revolution was violent and they embrace it whole heartedly. That's why your Beatles reference is so poignant.

There is a big difference between the way the left protests and the way the right protests. The very idea that the leftists get squirmy over dissent is beyond ironic.

Anonymous said...

Once again, a truly great post!