Friday, February 26, 2010

This Is Why He Likes "Summits"...

....because it's so much easier to talk about something than actually, you something:

A new Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll is out. As is to be expected at this juncture, Obama’s approval is languishing at 47 percent....but the most eye-opening number is on the question of whether Obama is better at campaigning or governing. An astounding 62 percent of voters say “campaigning,” while only 38 percent pick “governing.” Independents pick “campaigning” by an even wider margin (67 to 11 percent — yes, 11 percent). Even Democrats say he is a better campaigner — by a narrower 38 to 32 percent margin.

Looks like everyone - even registered Democrats - are starting to realize we picked a loser. The problem is, the small group of folks who still thinks he's the shizznit are either Congressman or Senators. Putting us in a situation where the blind are leading the naked through an unrelenting blizzard...

Incidentally, who will be the biggest loser from the 2008 election debacle? Not the Democrats, they will once again rise from the dead; politicians have the same nine lives as your average feline. But the implosion of Obama will be blamed on a mainstream media who assured us there was nothing to worry about - he was plenty experienced, he was brilliant, he was a uniter, he was the change we all had been waiting for.

This, the American people won't forget. The media, by pushing a deeply flawed candidate (and human being) on the American people on the basis of their own ideological prejudices, abandoned their core principles as well as their only reason for existence: to inform the American people, and to protect them from people such as Barack Obama.

When the media writes the Democrat's obituary this November, they should save some space for their own...


ATTEMPTS by Newsweek CEO Tom Ascheim and Editor-in-Chief Jon Meacham to reshape the magazine into a lower-circulation weekly with a more Economist-like feel do not seem to be paying off.

Tucked in the fourth-quarter earnings report from parent Washington Post Company were numbers that suggest the magazine lost $28.1 million in 2009, the first year of the process..

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