Thursday, February 25, 2010

From The Summit: Obama Unmasked!

So how's the bipartisanship working out at Obama's heralded health care reform summit?

Obama to John McCain: "The election is over"
Obama, referring to Rep. Eric Cantor bringing the 2,700 page bill to the meeting: "A prop"

And his responses to other complaints about the bill by Republicans? “illegitimate”, a “distraction”, a “talking point” (because Obama says so, of course).

Pete Wehner over at Contentions clears it up for us:

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him more agitated and condescending. He is, in fact, imperious. One can tell he is used to being coddled for much of his life. He’s used to being referred to as the “Black Jesus” by his aides. He’s used to being told he’s God’s gift to humanity. He’s been told those things and he’s internalized them. And so when he’s challenged — especially when he’s challenged in a forceful and respectful way — he gets upset. He becomes preachy and scolding. And he becomes dismissive.

I am quite surprised by how poorly Obama is coming across. I thought this summit would be essentially worthless. In fact, it is serving quite a useful purpose. It is unmasking Barack Obama. And what we’re seeing isn’t a very pretty sight.

Like a spoiled brat who cannot understand what the word "no" means....No wonder he tunes out the polls, the tea parties, the town halls. He has to get his way! Because he wants it (in this case, socialized medicine), and he always gets what he wants! So there, you lousy, mean, stupid, ugly, rotten Americans! Whoops, I mean...Republicans!

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Conservative Libertine said...

Will that come across in state-run-media though? Lot's of raw footage fit for editing.

Thanks for the live blogging today. I could not watch live.