Saturday, February 20, 2010

If The Democrats Have Lost The Young Black Vote...

...what else is left, besides Truthers, conspiracy theorists, union thugs, and the academic establishment?

Black, 26-year-old, Republican Princella Smith to run for Congress in Arkansas’s 1st District

Princella Smith, 26, will announce on Saturday that she is running for Congress in Arkansas’s 1st District. Some would say she is too young. Others might point to other potential hurdles: She’s running in eastern Arkansas, a district that hasn’t elected a Republican since 1872 in a Southern state that has never elected a black person to a congressional or state-wide office.

“I think I’m the person to do this,” Smith said. “I’m going to tell people to come on board with me, listen to these ideas, and that we can get people excited again about the Republican Party.”

Smith is not your typical (for 2010) tea-party activist turned candidate. She's been involved in politics since high school, and has worked for RNC head Michael Steele, Newt Gingrich, Louisiana Republican Rep. Anh “Joseph” Cao, among others.

Not sure if she has a shot, but the fact that black youth are willing to get off of the Democratic plantation of dependency, racism, and socialism and are willing to take the brunt of the charges of "Uncle Tom-ism" to stand up for new-found political beliefs is a wonderful thing.

And what can the Democrats -who have, at some point, charged every critic of Barack Obama with racism - do about it?
Glenn Reynolds:

Given the Democrats’ stated concern for diversity, I guess they won’t run anyone against her if she wins the primary.

Don't count on it, Glenn. The Democrats will hang her by a tree by torchlight while blaming the right-wing nuts. And the media will dutifully report it thusly...

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