Thursday, February 18, 2010

IRS Attacked in Austin?

Deliberate, without a doubt:

A small plane that crashed into an office building in Austin, Texas, Thursday morning was an intentional act, an NTSB official told Fox News.
An NTSB spokesman, however, told that "we can't confirm any of that."
Authorities said they have identified the pilot as Joseph Andrew Stack, a 53-year-old software engineer who lived in Texas.
The small single-engine plane crashed into a seven-story office building in Austin around 10 a.m. local time Thursday....

An Internal Revenue Service office is located inside the building...

What else was Mr. Stack up to this morning?

Early reports from multiple sources indicate that the pilot may have started a fire at his house before crashing his plane into the Echelon building in Austin.
A source within the federal government has confirmed to FOX 7's Rudy Koski that the pilot who crashed his plane into the building also set fire to his house Thursday morning

Joseph Stack is a software engineer that lived in North Austin. He has a wife and teenage daughter. According to FOX News, the teenage-daughter of the Stack told authorities that her father had set fire to the house and took off in a plane.

Stack wrote a blog his frustrating with the federal government. Included in his blog were the following statements: "I know I’m hardly the first one to decide I have had all I can stand. It has always been a myth that people have stopped dying for their freedom in this country, and it isn’t limited... I know there have been countless before me and there are sure to be as many after. But I also know that by not adding my body to the count, I insure nothing will change."

"I saw it written once that the definition of insanity is repeating the same process over and over and expecting the outcome to suddenly be different. I am finally ready to stop this insanity. Well, Mr. Big Brother IRS man, let’s try something different; take my pound of flesh and sleep well."

If you’re reading this, you’re no doubt asking yourself, “Why did this have to happen?”

Joe Stack (1956-2010)

Some thoughts:

-how long until this act is tied to the Republicans, and the "tea-partiers" (can you imagine how hard the MSM is working, as we speak, to make the connection)? I say fifteen minutes..
...despite the fact this happened in Austin, which prides itself on being an "island of blue" in the heart of will they account for the rage in their own city? Denial, like many in New York did after 9/11, and even more fanatical blame on the right?
...finally, although the rage is justified, the action is not. This is a constitutional republic, we made our choice of government, now we have to live with it. We can moderate it come November, and that's about it. We are about to learn painful lessons that hopefully will stick with us for generations; taking a flaming shortcut into an IRS building won;t change that.

And besides, as someone who dodged the wreckage on 9/11, pictures like this from the scene in Austin turn my stomach and give me PTSD flashbacks:


Publius said...

I agree that they will try and lay this at the feet of the Tea Partier's. But they carry a lot of baggage.

They have "a lot of essplaining to do".

Anonymous said...

this belongs at the feet of the tea partiers - the keep the government out of medicare crowd - and the folks who read your blog! whatajoke!

Unknown said...

Someone asked my 16-year-old brother, "what do you have to say for yourself, now that a 'teabagger' has flown a plane into a building? Are you a terrorist?" The pilot was anti-capitalism and anti-Bush; I can't understand why liberals can possibly even try to link this to tea party activists. It's very sick. Have they never met a conservative? I guess it's just another excuse to denigrate them. At the same time, why are libs not taking responsibility for the crazy professor who murdered her colleagues, and was KNOWN to be a far leftist? They don't use logic; only attacks. We'll never get anywhere until we can discuss ideas rather than attacking those with different opinions. It's extremely discouraging.