Wednesday, May 06, 2009

While Obama Kisses Mad Mullah Butt....

...ordinary Americans, of all races and religious identifications, are making a stand against radical Islam.

Big movements start with small crowds, although 400 people of diverse backround is worth more than a homogeneous crowd of 4000:

The pouring rain did not stop over 300-400 concerned citizens from attending a rally in Times Square, sponsored by the Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam. Comprised of people from all religious, ethnic, racial and sexual preference groups including Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Christians, Jews, Israelis and secularists, the focus of today’s events, which featured a diverse selection of speakers, was to educate and mobilize people to support freedom, democracy and tolerance and to oppose the inherent dangers that radical Islam presents to those who cherish the aforementioned ideals.

Speaking today were Pastor Gerald Bell, a black minister who personally traveled to the Sudan to help liberate African slaves from their Muslim captors, Tawfik Hamid, a former jihadi terrorist, Beth Gilinsky of the Jewish Action Alliance who spoke of the burgeoning menace of radical Islam and how it will effect the future of Israel in terms of Iran’s growing nuclear arsenal, (and who read my speech as well), Arish Sahani, of the Indian American Intellectual Forum who spoke of the barbaric and systematic slaughter of Hindus in Pakistan. He also mentioned, “the alarming trend of Hindu girls being kidnapped, raped and held in Madrassas and forcibly converted to Islam”.

Quoting a Hindu American Foundation report he said, “In 1947, in what is Bangladesh today, Hindus composed 30% of the population. Today they are less than 10%. Every day there are acts of murder, rape, kidnappings, temple destruction and physical intimidation. Just yesterday, areas captured by the Taliban forced followers of the Sikh religion to vacate their homes and businesses for not paying the oppressive Jizya tax.”

And where was the media? Debating whether Obama is already, on day 105, a greater president than FDR and JFK combined, all while our enemies gather and our economy is taxed into a coma.

If the Obama administration has done anything positive in the infamous "100 Days", it is to stir a realization in ordinary Americans about how far their government has strayed from its roots and from its responsibilities to the people they alledge to represent. First Tea Parties to protest insane spending and taxation, now mulitcultural foreign-policy groups who see the danger in Obama's appeasement of radical Islam.

Let the media surround him and keep assuring him that he's the King, and the blacks and Hindus and Jews amrching together are just 21st-century "Uncle Toms". It will make the look on his face all the more enjoyable when the inevitable fall comes...

More info on HRCARI and the Times Square rally at Right Truth and Atlas Shrugs.

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