Sunday, May 03, 2009

Jon Corzine: New Jersey's own Chris Dodd?

Seems like Gov. Jon Corzine, trailing badly to various Republican challengers in a blue state, is taking a book out of the Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) book of fundraising:

The five-term incumbent reported raising just $4,250 from five Connecticut residents during the first three months of the year while raking in $604,745 from nearly 400 individuals living outside the state.

So where's Corzine these days? Begging for money on the left coast while Jersey falls apart:

Corzine was due to have a fund-raiser in San Francisco tonight at The Bankers Club, 55th Floor, where a “friend” could buy a ticket for $1,000 and you would be a “chair” for only $25,000. Checks payable to “Corzine ‘09, Inc.” please.

And the Star-Ledger reports Corzine isn't picky about who he's taking cash from:

Gov. Jon Corzine, during a campaign event last week in a luxury suite high up in an Atlantic City hotel, saluted and embraced a prominent engineer who is serving probation after pleading guilty last fall in a corruption case.

Would be nice to find out how much money Corzine is getting from in-state donors as compared to what he's raking in at his big-city, big-ticket soirées in liberal strongholds across the nation.

Would love to see who's contributing these dollars as well...more corrupt contractors, perhaps? Betcha we'd see an almost surrealistic collection - a rogues gallery, if you will - of theives, tax cheats, professional pols, union thugs, and other similar types of human driftwood whose mission is strictly to increase their access to power by any means possible...

Now if only we had an old-fashioned investigative media willing to, you know, investigate....

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