Thursday, May 21, 2009

We Are The Sacrifice Obama Has Been Waiting For!

Yesterday we posted this piece on how many additional Americans will be killed in automobile accidents under Obama's insane new CAFE standards:

...the downsizing of the American fleet has contributed to around 2,000 extra deaths on the road at current CAFE levels, because smaller cars are generally less crashworthy....

...the new policy will lead to around 800 more needless deaths on the road each year.

So the current CAFE standards are already killing 2,000 people a year, and it will rise by around 40% under the new regulations. The killing fields of Obama's American highways....

But the figures may be higher:

You may take into consideration—though cars continue to get safer—a 2002 National Academy of Sciences study, which stated that vehicles following the Corporate Average Fuel Economy system's standards contribute to between 1,300 and 2,600 traffic deaths every year. How many lives will be lost to new government mandates? Who knows?

Applying the 40% increase to 2600 gives us an addtional 1000+ deaths per year...

Or perhaps this is a better way to figure it:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that every 100-pound reduction in the weight of small cars increases annual traffic fatalities by as much as 715.

So figure out the weight reduction in the nation's overall fleet, and you can accurately predict how many people will be killed to serve Obama's ideology. We won't know that figure for a while, but we can say one thing for certain: It will be high.

And since we are talking about blood for oil - a favorite canard of the left - why don't we use their favorite barometer?

In contrast in the more than six years since the Iraq war began, there have been 4,296 deaths among American military personnel.

Obama's attempt to reduce our use of oil will kill more Americans in three years - innocent civilians and children all - than were killed in the "horribly immoral" Iraq war, allegedly fought for...oil. And of course, Obama's war on American drivers will have no end, despite the casualties that will pile up on the roadsides....

But this is about serving Obama's ideology, not about saving lives. Obviously, Obama is willing to sacrifice tens of thousands of innocent American lives, in order to assert his leftist dogma.

We are the sacrifice Obama has been waiting for. With our lives, we will serve his radical ends.


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