Thursday, May 28, 2009

Newsweek on Obama, and the Media on...the Media!

Andrew Ferguson at The Weekly Standard writes a scathing take-down of the media industry, as witnessed from his seat at the "Helen Thomas Awards", where Katie Couric was given an award for...reading the news off of a cue card.

Ferguson first takes aim at the redesigned Newsweek, which editor Jon Meachem declared to be "non-partisan". OK, pal, if you say so. But let's judge an editor on his words, shall we, and decide whether or not the following description of the president - as seen in Newsweek - seems impartial:

"As he turned to make the walk back to Air Force One," Jon wrote, "a breeze blew--and everybody scurried anew, to keep up with him. It was that kind of day--and it has been that kind of presidency: Barack Obama, moving as he wishes to move, and the world bending itself to him."

Ah, OK....but Ferguson doesn't buy it, and points out:

What Jon wrote, in fact, is the direct opposite of the truth. Even as the sentence was being written, the president was violating several campaign promises for the simple reason that he has had to bend himself to the world, as presidents usually do.

Nice prose, but completely untrue. But the media is no longer in the truth-delivery business, they are in the "prop-up-Obama-at-any cost" business. It's too late, for to turn back now and expose the Thug-in-Chief for what he really is would involve the media admitting it covered up a lot of information about him in the first place in order to get him elected.
They'll go down with the crooked, lying ship, rather than stand and/or perish with the truth.

How far gone is the media? Grand dame Helen Thomas, at her self-titled award ceremony, rises to praise Couric, and lets loose the dogs of truth amongst the media cognoscenti seated therin:

[Helen] said Katie's skewering of Palin had ensured that John McCain would lose the election to Barack Obama. You know how everybody feels about Barack Obama--he's the guy the world bends itself to.

"Katie had the right stuff to do that game-changing interview," Helen said. "After that, the ballgame was over."

Helen gave a dramatic pause, then said: "She saved the country."

Helen got a standing ovation, from everybody.

The title of Ferguson's piece, incidentally? "Some Industries Deserve Bankruptcy".


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