Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nancy Pelosi, and the Democrats (& media's) Female Trouble

First, let me give kudos to the mainstream media. While Nancy Pelosi and Robert Gibbs stammer about, trying to explain away her increasingly bizarre public statements as well as flat-out lies, the media has come up with their own angle to fend off attacks against the increasingly embattled speaker: To criticize her is to be misogynist.

Politico reads way, way too deeply into an anti-Pelosi RNC video which uses a Bond theme:

The RNC video, which begins with the speaker’s head in the iconic spy-series gun sight, implies that Pelosi has used her feminine wiles to dodge the truth about whether or not she was briefed by the CIA on the use of waterboarding in 2002. While the P-word is never mentioned directly, in one section the speaker appears in a split screen alongside the Bond nemesis – and the video’s tagline is “Democrats Galore.”

It's outrageous!

“They can’t seem to distinguish between a backroom smirk among the boys and something you put out in public,” says former Hillary Clinton senior adviser Ann Lewis of the RNC video.
“It’s an attempt to demean your opponent, rather than debate them. If they’re serious that this is an issue of national security, then you’d think that one would want to debate it on the merits,” she says. “It’s almost as if they can’t help themselves.”

Really? What about the psychological (and quite public) rape of Carrie Prejean, who dared to leave the liberal plantation on the gay-marriage issue? Was it David Axlerod that called her a "dog"?

I wrote on the Democrat/Liberal/media rape of Prejean a while back:

For some reason, when liberals see a Sarah Palin or a Carrie Prejean, the impulse immediately is for the lowest road possible: not to engage them, but to defile them. Not to prove them wrong, but to humiliate them in the vilest way possible. The immediate, insatiable urge of the Left is to wreck a female adversary so completely that no one can look at them the same way; so that anyone who sees their victim will see the marks on them and turn away in disgust or openly mock with rightous venom, and to hopefully so emotionally destroy their female "enemies" that their self-esteem is ravaged, and they slink away from public life, alone and ashamed.

Or the treatment allotted to Sarah Palin:

There is language being used by some segments of the news media toward Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin that very likely wouldn’t be tolerated if she were not a Republican and a conservative. For example, here is the lead of a Sept. 4, Associated Press story about Gov. Palin: “With a forceful speech that served as her introduction to millions of Americans on Wednesday, Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin seduced many on television who had spent days doubting her candidacy.”

So the smearing of conservative females is OK - hey, they're conservative, they asked for it !- but criticism of the most corrupt, angry, and liberal Speaker in our history is anti-female because....she's a Democratic female.

It's a variation of the old "to disagree with Obama is to hate blacks" memo, which was used to varying effect in election '08. In some ways the charges of misogyny here are even worse, given the ugly behavior the Left has used to silence any female who dares to leave their thought-group.

Projection of their own hatreds onto Republicans? With the media acting as a enabler? It's a sad, hateful display by both, and further evidence of how liberal leadership - in politics and culture - is leading our nation down a coarse and destructive path...


Publius said...

You are soooooo right.

The list of examples goes on and on too. Don't forget Janeane Gorafalo's hate speech.

They don't just go after the pols, anybody who does not agree with them is just a teabagging teabagger!

Greg said...

To this day the bashing to Gov. Palin goes on without let up. Makes me wonder if they will run Tina Fey clips, and clips of the Couric interview for the next 4 years. Liberals and their lapdog media minions are a pathetic bunch, no wonder their ratings are dropping like rocks, and all their rags are gong bankrupt.