Monday, May 18, 2009

Jon Corzine Is Watching Your Meter!

In the name of "conservation", New jersey governor Jon Crozine has devised a plan - to be implemented in the highest energy-useage months of the year - to add a surcharge (also known as a tax) to ratepayers who exceed a predetermined amount of energy use:

Corzine’s Board of Public Utilities is going to stick it to users of electricity in the name of conservation. Some utility customers are getting letters reminding them of the governor’s Energy Master Plan. It goes on to say Corzine’s BPU has approved a price charge for certain customers from June through September. It explains the letter went to customers who exceeded certain levels of use last summer.

And who runs the BPU, incidentally? A Corzine ally named Jeanne Fox, who was appointed, then reappointed to lead this board despite numerous investigations of criminal and civil misdeeeds, including patronage and retribution scandals, not to mention rank incompetence in her position as president.

And where will these increased energy fees, exproporiated from New Jersey's middle class, go? Well, Corzine will use them to fund some of his left-of-California welfare state initiatives, while the rest - well, this is Jersey, so don't act suprised - will be used for Ms. Fox and her pals to go globe-trotting:

Hundreds of thousands of dollars of trips around the world have been taken by Commissioners to Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Australia. One commissioner even stayed in a hotel room that cost more than $600 per night. Another commissioner, over the course of a three year period, devoted more than 270 days to travel to: Latvia, India, Philippines, Romania, Nova Scotia, Mali, Australia, Azerbaijan, Hungary (three times), Belgium, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Trinidad, Italy, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and ten states including eight separate trips to Florida.

And this is why our electric bills will skyrocket this summer, while we're fed pious bullsh*t about "global warming" and energy conservations. We wilt in the heat, while Fox and Corzine jet around the world on our dime.

Welcome to progressive New Jersey. Soon to be progressive America. Don't say I didn't warn ya...

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