Thursday, September 04, 2008

So how's that Sarah Palin bashing working out for you now?

A tour de force last night from the Lady Up North, who gained legions of fans and made fools of the media in one fell swoop. From Roger Simon:

In all my years writing movies, going to drama school, etc., I have almost never seen anything so dramatic. It was the rebirth of Frank Capra for our times - Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington. This woman is a star and a star of the American kind we have not seen for years. She really is born live from a Capra movie, from the days Hollywood told stories about the greatness of our country. I don’t agree with her about with her about everything but so what? I don’t agree with anybody about everything except, luckily for me, my wife. But Sarah Palin is a force of nature.

The big losers tonight are obvious: Joe Biden, who will look like hackopathropus erectus next to her, a dinosaur out the Washington everybody hates, and Hillary Rodham Clinton who, I would bet anything, was staring at her television set in horror tonight at the possible first woman president of the United States - and it’s not her!

Mark Steyn gives credit where credit is due:

I would like to thank the US media for doing such a grand job this last week of lowering expectations by portraying Governor Palin - whoops, I mean Hick-Burg Mayor Palin - as a hillbilly know-nothing permapregnant ditz, half of whose 27 kids are the spawn of a stump-toothed uncle who hasn't worked since he was an extra in Deliverance.

How's that narrative holding up, geniuses? Almost as good as your "devoted husband John Edwards" routine?

Barack Obama, welcome to your nightmare.....

And more and more facts about Sarah Palin are coming to light:

-The diamonds in Sarah Palin’s earrings were crushed with her very hands.

-Glasses sales are up 150 percent since Sarah palin became nominee.

-It’s not over until Sarah Palin says it’s over.

More reasons to fear Sarah Palin are here....

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Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is certainly a successful candidate for the republicans. She and the rest of the republican machine are determined to demolish what is left of the United States. A Values Voting America-Loving Democrate