Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sacre Bleu ! He Married a Jew!

And yet they tell us that if we fail to elect Barack Obama as our next president, we'll be the racist hatemongers....sigh.

From yesterday's New York Post:

JUST in case anyone harbored the delusion that anti-Semitism no longer exists in France, the Paris bureau of the Reuters wire service carried a story this week about French President Nicolas Sarkozy's son getting married, which mentioned the bride is Jewish in both the headline and the lead sentence. "Son of France's Sarkozy Marries Jewish Heiress," the headline read. Sarkozy's 22-year-old son Jean "married a member of the Jewish family that founded one of France's biggest retailers," Reuters reported.

The bride was finally named a few sentences down as Jessica Sebaoun-Darty, whose family owns the Darty electronics chain.



Erica said...

For a little dry retching, you can read some of the comments people left on the story:

- "For the Post to knee jerk and label Reuters anti-Semitic for pointing out the bride was Jewish, based on their skewed logic, anyone wearing a yarmulke should be considered anti-Semitic for pointing out they're a Jew."

(it's out of reverence for God)

- "I have read this article twice and I fail to see how Reuters is anti-semitic. I think the people at the Post get off on calling everyone anti-semitic. Atleast Reuters is a legit news service. Maybe the folk's over at Reuters should start criticing some of the articles that are in the Post."

(this person is a horrible speller, and Reuters is a skewered, inappropriately opinionated liberal mouthpiece)

- "It has been my experience that Jews do not like to be reminded that they are Jews, yet Italians, Irish, Greeks don't mind being reminded of their ethnicity. Interesting, isn't it."

(I know this person can't be referring to us. I'm pretty proud of my heritage, and know you are too.)

Anyhow, mazel tov to the bride and groom.

Erica said...

In mostly un-related news, I am watching the Chabad telethon right now and Tom Arnold - ex-husband of you know anti-Semitic who - is on right now, wearing a yarmulke. And he's speaking earnestly, from the heart, about addiction and sobriety. He's OK in my book.

The JerseyNut said...

it's amazing, Erica, how people honestly believe that the fact Sarkozy Jr.'s wife is Jewish was a headline-worthy fact.
In the body of the article? Yes, valid. But in the headline??? Doesn't that give away the thought process a little bit