Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Money Is Funny, Honey... a man constantly bragging about his, hmm, "big unit", only to have it revealed as significantly substandard (by some gossipy one-nighter), we see that Barack Obama's fundraising prowress is not what it was once believed to be:

Earlier this month, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made a personal appeal to Barack Obama: Help me grow the Democrats’ Senate majority by sharing some of the $77 million you’ve got in the bank. Obama’s campaign said no.

In rejecting a direct request from his Senate leader, Obama has put a fine point on the financial pressures he’s feeling as the presidential race turns toward the fall. Obama raised a record-setting $66 million in August, leaving his campaign with about $77 million in cash now. Because he has turned down public financing, he can keep raising money through Election Day.
John McCain, having accepted public financing, can’t do that — but he already has the $84 million in public money in his campaign coffers. More importantly, McCain will get substantial help from the Republican National Committee — which has dramatically outraised its Democratic counterpart — and the Republican Party’s state and local committees.

So Obama flips-flops on public financing thinking it would be to his advantage (and it is always about what is to Barack's advantage), and yet again shows his poor judgement. And suprisingly, one-time small-time governer and presidential aspiree Howard Dean (how come the media never questioned his credentials?) has seemed to do quite the piss-poor job in raising money for his party in what should have been a blowout year. What happened to their vaunted fundraising advantage?

And the article doesn't even mention how expensive the failed "50-state" strategy of Barack Obama is, spending huge amounts of money in states he is sure to lose (ie. Florida - Obama=$8 million, McCain =$0, McCain leads by 4) and guarenteeing his $77 million+ will not stretch as far as McCain's $84 million. Another great judgement call by The Chosen One!

Maybe a few more $30K/plate dinners in Beverly Hills will convince Obama that he really is a "big man"...

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