Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Barack Obama - Filthy Liar, or Lying Filth?

Remember when Barack Obama, when asked about his relationship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, described him as just "a guy who lives in my neighborhood," and "not somebody who I exchange ideas with on a regular basis."

Turns out, Obama was full of sh*t. And with good reason.

The truth is that Ayers and Obama were partners in the Chicago Annenburg Challenge (CAC), an organization whose mandate was the reformation of Chicago's public schools.

Intersting that Obama never wrote about this - his only true "executive" experience - in his two autobiographies...!

Stanley Kurtz has done the research....turns out that in fact, Obama was CAC's first board chairman, serving in that capacity for four years and remaining on the board for two more. Ayers was the founder of CAC and, according to Kurtz, its guiding spirit. Additionally, documents show that Ayers was part of a working group of five that assembled the initial board.

Via Powerline, which has a great synopsis of the Obama/Ayers connection:

Ayers helped put Obama in the top position of an organization that distributed more than $100 million into the hands of community organizers and radical activists. Moreover, Kurtz shows that Ayers did not bow out of the process after helping to install Obama. To the contrary Ayers collaborated with Obama n determining how to distribute this money.

During this period, Ayers co-chaired something called the "Collaborative," which worked with Obama's group to shape education policy. In essence Ayers formulated the policy that would inform the distribution of funds; Obama headed the body that distributed the money accordingly.

So Obama and Ayers actually worked hand in hand to distribute millions of dollars in aid that was attached to a radical, anti-American ideology. Pretty far cry from "a guy who lives in my neighborhood", no?

At The Corner, they break it down into three easily digestable facts:

* Obama had a long-term working relationship with William Ayers.
* The Chicago Annenberg Challenge ("CAC"), the only executive experience on Obama's resume, was an objective failure despite the expenditure of millions of dollars.
* Through the CAC, Ayers and Obama financed radical organizations, including one with a history of engaging in voter fraud.

Just the kind of change we were hoping for, right?

Finally, we'll go back to Powerline, where they tie it all neatly (and logically) together with the beloved Reverand Racist Wright:

....there is a straight line between Jeremiah "God damn America" Wright and Bill "fight American repression" Ayers. Obama would have us believe that he wouldn't have listened approvingly to Wright preaching against America. But Kurtz's work confirms that he not only listened to "God damn America" rhetoric, he funded it to the tune of many millions of dollars.

And this is the man that the Democratic party, and the mainstream media, is desperately pushing - by any means necessary - as the next president of the United States.


Well, one thing Obama is being somewhat honest about is his call for "change".

Now that we can see it for what it is, can we turn away from it?

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