Friday, September 05, 2008

Sarah Palin: Banned by Oprah?

As per Drudge:

Oprah Winfrey may have introduced Democrat Barack Obama to the women of America -- but the talkshow queen is not rushing to embrace the first woman on a Republican presidential ticket...

"Half of her staff really wants Sarah Palin on," an insider explains. "Oprah's website is getting tons of requests to put her on, but Oprah and a couple of her top people are adamantly against it because of Obama."

One executive close to Winfrey is warning any Palin ban could ignite a dramatic backlash!

Last year, Winfrey blocked an appearance by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, timed to a promotional tour of his autobiography....

Oprah and executive producer Sheri Salata, who has contributed thousands of dollars to Obama's campaign, refused requests for comment.

Well, if the Democrats ever get their "Fairness Doctrine", Oprah is going to have to book the likes of Palin, by government decree. Sucker!!

Well, The Daytime Queen is now exposed as just another MSM whore,
on her knees in front of the Messiah, and it seems as if even her viewers know it. Over at Volokh, they do the research, and to me it seems to point out that the media isn't even bothering to "spin" anymore, they are just outright lying to protect The Undeserving One:

If one
compares Palin’s speech to Obama’s, it appears to me that they used similar amounts of sarcasm (not much), but Obama made considerably more extensive negative comments about McCain and Republican administrations than Palin did about Obama and Democrats. Palin’s negative comments, however, were on balance funnier, better written, and more pointed than Obama’s.

Jim adds:

By continuing to spread false memes about the nature of Sarah Palin's speech as if they were true, the press marches forward in the most biased season of political reporting I've seen since at least 1998.

With the race a virtual
tie, in polling done before McCain's speech, you know this is going to get way, way uglier in the next sixty days. Can the media pull itself back from the brink?

It may be too late for Us magazine; apparently
thousands are cancelling their subscriptions to Jan Wenner’s weekly celeb rag over its “Babies, Lies & Scandals” cover slamming Sarah Palin:

I’m hearing it’s 5,000, maybe more,” says one well-placed source in the industry. Another source claimed that as many as 10,000 readers have already cancelled their subscriptions....

When Us went to print Monday night, it looked like the ticket was falling apart," says one magazine editor. “They went to print thinking Palin was dead in the water, and their mistake was thinking everyone who reads "Us" is a Democrat, when they’re not.

A mistake, I believe, that is being repeated ad naseum....

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