Monday, September 08, 2008

Obama Calls Hillary....

....and asks her to jump on the front line and fire point-blank at Sarah Palin. We hear the conversation went something like this:

"...hey, sorry about that bitter primary thing, calling your husband racist, and the lack of campaign debt relief. Could you do me a favor and alienate a certain portion of your voters, obliterate your newfound respect from some corners of the right, and incinerate your chance to head a Democratic ticket in 2012 by making a kamikaze run at America's newest sweetheart, in order to save my tuchus? Thanks, sweetie."

I can imagine Hillary holding the phone away from her ear and grimacing in disgust, as if a drunken ex-boyfriend were making the 3AM call looking for love.

Still, she's found the Clintonesque middle ground:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton marched for labor and stumped with Democrats on Saturday, but sidestepped questions about the woman who has taken her place as the nation's most-talked-about female leader. Clinton brushed aside questions about Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin during appearances at New York City's annual Labor Day parade and later during a stop on Staten Island.

Another no-win situation for the Democrat's most high-profile female - if she campaigns hard against Palin, she loses the respect of a segment of woman voters that may support her in 2012, and she loses her ability to speak authoritatively as a voice of feminism if she is perceived as a tool of the machine that brings down Palin. If she goes in half-hearted, as it appears, an Obama loss will be laid at her feet and she loses inter-party support for a future presidential run.

Unfair? Yeah. But so is the Democratic party's treatment of woman, so blatently obvious in this election cycle. Will people wise up to this fact, or continue to scream about Republican oppression of woman while the Democrats treat them like last night's mistake?

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