Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Unions Lose 'Right To Work', But Keep 'Right To Bash Heads'

Which still gives them civil rights limited to their membership. Might be even a bigger selling point than wages & benefits, especially for jobs that don't even really exist anymore.

Here's Steven Crowder getting punched out for... being Steven Crowder:

And here's the media outrage that followed:

Silence is assent, of course. Which is why the media is playing deaf, dumb, & blind, as is the president (playing? hmmm...). Where common sense fails, liberals are now hoping that fear prevails.

Why not? It worked for them in the 2012 election.

Best line so far goes to Smitty over at RS McCain:

I guess if Barack Obama had had a son, he wouldn’t have looked like Steven Crowder...

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