Thursday, December 13, 2012

In Which I Agree With Bob Menendez (D-La Raza)

So it turns out that New Jersey's junior Senator (well, the entire Senate is junior to Frank Lautenberg, New Jersey's other sterling choice for the select chamber) had been employing a teenage illegal immigrant sex offender as a staffer.  Furthermore, it appears as if Homeland Security told federal agents not to arrest him until after Election Day, so that Menendez could have no bumps on the road to -re-election.

Well, let's hope Luis Abrahan Sanchez Zavalet didn't rape any women or molest any children while the Feds were biding their time.   I know, I know, that's not the important thing. The important thing is that the Demcorats retained control of the Senate, and if women and children need to be sexually violated for that to happen, well...there are always sacrifices at the alter of the liberal cause.  Just ask Mary Jo Kopechne.  Rather, ask her parents...

On MSNBC to defend himself, Senator Menendez had an odd comment in response to this latest scandal:

Menendez said Sanchez’s arrest “does speak volumes about why we need comprehensive immigration reform, because we can’t know who is here to pursue the American dream versus who is here to do it damage.”

The second part of his sentence is what conservatives have been screaming about for years, only to be called racist for it.  It is the major reason we need immigration reform, comprehensive or not.

So see that?  I actually agree with you, Senator Menendez.  Here's a few thoughts on how it might be accomplished:

-tighter border security
-allowing police to raid homes suspecting of harboring illegals
-allowing police to question the immigration status of suspected illegals during traffic stops
-a speeded-up deportation system
-more funds for ICE
-no state or federal benefits for anyone of questionable immigration status
-make "sanctuary cities" illegal, punish such localities with cutoff of federal funding

Do you think Senator Menendez would go along with any of this?  Let's check his record:

Menendez forced a $473K earmark into the "stimulus" bill to support anti-American Hispanic hate group La Raza ("The Race") while simultaneously voting to raise our taxes to pay for it...

Sen. Menendez (D-N.J.) has put a "hold" on legislation to reauthorize the E-Verify workplace verification program....

...Sen. Menendez just held a recent book signing at...the National Council of La Raza...

And here he is in 2010, after Democrats lost control of the House, asking for lame-duck members to pass amnesty:

I think the time to get it done is in November, right after the elections. I'm being very pragmatic. I think there are a bunch of people who are retiring who would cast votes (because) their heart and their intellect tell them it is the right thing, but their politics might have told them no. They are free to cast votes that we might not normally get. I think it's a propitious time to get something done if we have presidential leadership. That's what I said to the president two weeks ago when I was at the White House with him...

So let us be clear.  Bob Menedez (D-Illegal Immigrants) is full of shit when he ties "comprehensive immigration reform" to "dangerous" illegals.  His version of immigration reform is a nation swamped with "legal illegals", who will line up for benefits, which will be provided for by raising taxes, and will thus create a constituency that will vote Democratic for generations.

And while I can't prove it, I have little doubt that Menendez  knew that Luis Abrahan Sanchez Zavalet  was an illegal, but put him on staff anyway, as a personal "f*ck you" to both conservatives and the rule of law.  Either that, or  - under the rules he wants us all to live by - he refused to ask Zavalet for any proof of identity whatsoever (to do so would be raaaacist!), and thus unwittingly harbored a deranged sex offender.

Thus our future under Democrats:  Asking questions gets you labeled and perhaps fined by the government, refusing to ask gets your sister raped.

Not a whole lot of this in the local New Jersey papers, by the way.  Just like Dirty Bob's dalliance with foreign hookers (whom he allegedly underpaid  - hey, do as I say, not as I do!) seemed to vanish in less than a day.

But I heard that somewhere, a Republican farted, and the New Jersey media are all over it, and about to file a stunning report on its allegedly racist odor...

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