Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Money Honey Maria Bartiromo Likes It Rough; Senator Cardin Does Not

...he's used to the mainstream media lying prone in the female portion of the missionary position.  CNBC's Maria Bartiromo doesn't play that; she's gonna control the action from the top.

Democratic stooge - sorry, I mean Senator - Ben Cardin (D-MD) wasn't ready for what Maria was bringing:

“Are you guys incompetent, or what?” Bartiromo pointedly asked the senator, emphasizing that both his party and the opposing Republicans repeatedly accuse each other of not having a “balanced approach” in negotiation to avoid the so-called “cliff.”

She continued to berate Cardin: “If you can’t do what the American people pay you to do, why don’t you just step aside and put somebody in there who can actually get a deal done?”

At this point, Bartiromo began shaking her head and laughing as Cardin insisted that the Democrats have long been ready to move forward with a deal. Unconvinced and clearly agitated, Bartiromo pointed at the screen and directly confronted Cardin about whether he’d be willing to consider tax code reform as a means to obtaining new revenue.

The senator’s response essentially boiled down to “No,” and so Bartiromo went off on him again: “You’re talking about $1.2 trillion in revenue, but you’re not prepared to put anything on the table. People are not stupid!”

Cardin then replied that “the easiest way to get the revenues is to [raise taxes on] the highest income brackets,” Bartiromo had enough and ended the conversation: “That’s all you want to do. That’s it. It’s your way or the highway. Raise the rates on the rich. No other way. Your way or the highway. That’s it. That’s where we are. Thank you, Senator.”

No, thank you, Maria, for reminding America what a journalist is supposed to do: Harangue the powerful on behalf of the powerless. Won't get you a job in the Obama Administration, but it will make you a hero to the American people.  And may, eventually, bring respect back to the word "journalism".

Don't believe me?  Watch the video, and listen to that crowd going wild at the end of her segment...

Did you know the late great Joey Ramone, of all people, wrote a song in homage to our Money Honey? Apparently, the punk rocker was a smarter man that Senator Cardin:

What's happening on Wall Street?
What's happening at The Stock Exchange?
I want to know

I watch her at the big board every single day
While she's reporting, you best stay out of her way
I watch her everyday
I watch her every night
She's really outta sight

Maria Bartiromo
Maria Bartiromo
Maria Bartiromo

Joey knew you couldn't mess with Maria.  Senator Cardin, though, thought he could get away with his usual line of liberal nonsense he feeds to the MSM daily.  After all, who is this Bartiromo chick, anyway?  Just a skirt trying to get ahead, no doubt, and Senator Ben probably thought he was doing her a favor just by appearing on her cute little program...

Big mistake, Ben, big mistake.

I'd love to put her on the White House beat, if just for a while....could Obama get away with ignoring her without being called sexist?  And how would he deal with Maria's pointed questions?

The imagination reels...


Jim - PRS said...

"I'd love to put her on the White House beat, if just for a while..."


Anonymous said...

Barack would still ignore her, and call on his female lapdogs - think Candy Crowley. Meanwhile, the rest of the voluntarily enslaved MSM would "Palinize" their new compatriot, if only to maintain some illusion of their own competence.

Maria B. wouldn't stand a chance. She'd be eaten alive by her fellow so-called "journalists".