Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Day America Irrevocably Changed For The Worse...

Well, at least the date will be easy to remember: 12-12-12.

Yesterday's physical attacks on conservatives daring to show their faces in Michigan, as the "Right to Work" bill was signed into law, was an blatent display of political violence very rarely seen before in modern-day America.  Out in the open, witnessed by thousands, conservatives were assaulted and their tents torn down and mutilated (with more innocent people still inside).

But unless you saw it...the attacks never happened.  Because the mainstream media, despite having witnessed brownshirt tactics before their very eyes, refused to report it.  Newsbusters chronicles the many media outlets who reported on the union protests, but failed to mention the union assaults on conservative onlookers.

We have reached a turning point (and that is a phrase I use rarely, as it is oft proven wrong).  The American media is now openly in cahoots with the hard Left, sanitizing their violent takeover of government by simply airbrushing it out of existence.  Worse - they are working deliberately to deliver the entire nation into the hands of the same goons who punched Steven Crowder in the kisser yesterday.

The MSM single-handedly pushed Barack Obama over the finish line, and -  seeing nobody chasing them -  decided to push the envelope further, first by claiming that Obama's 2.5 million vote win (out of 122 million cast) accounts to a mandate for a complete national capitulation to the president's agenda, and now by hiding the anti-democratic hatred and violence of those who brought him to power and have kept him there (while simultaneously insisting we capitulate to their demands as well).

We can play the double-standards game all day - imagine if a group of homosexuals had been beaten at a conservative rally! - but any attempt to hold the media to any sort of standards is now a waste of time.  Like demanding courtesy from the burglar, chivalry from the rapist, mercy from the cold-blooded killer...

But currently I have no solution to offer.  The blogosphere has failed as an alternative mass communication source, as people now simply access the information what they want to hear, or turn to the insanely  biased home pages of vile news providers like Yahoo!

Are we left with no choice save...gurullia warfare?

I used to laugh at the cheesiness this scene (just past the 9:00 mark) from The Running Man, in which "the underground" overthrows a depraved, lawless, TV-based dystopian society by hijacking the airwaves and broadcasting "the truth" ("Killian is lying to you!").  But then again...

As the duplicity of those in power is revealed:

Richard Dawson/Killian:  "...we're experiencing techincal difficulties..."
Old Lady:   "Bullshit!"

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Jim - PRS said...

"[A]ny attempt to hold the media to any sort of standards is now a waste of time. Like demanding courtesy from the burglar, chivalry from the rapist, mercy from the cold-blooded killer..."

Perfect. I wish I had written that.