Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012: Liberal Scrooges, Grinches, and Bad Santas...

Oh, those wacky liberals and their unique ways of celebrating one of the most holiest days of the year!

For filmmaker and closet 1%-er Michael Moore, it's a time to remind Americans how much they suck:

We are a country whose leaders officially sanction and carry out acts of violence as a means to often an immoral end. We invade countries who didn't attack us. We're currently using drones in a half-dozen countries, often killing civilians.

This probably shouldn't come as a surprise to us as we are a nation founded on genocide and built on the backs of slaves. We slaughtered 600,000 of each other in a civil war. We "tamed the Wild West with a six-shooter," and we rape and beat and kill our women without mercy and at a staggering rate: every three hours a women is murdered in the USA (half the time by an ex or a current); every three minutes a woman is raped in the USA; and every 15 seconds a woman is beaten in the USA.

We belong to an illustrious group of nations that still have the death penalty (North Korea, Saudi Arabia, China, Iran). We think nothing of letting tens of thousands of our own citizens die each year because they are uninsured and thus don't see a doctor until it's too late.

Why do we do this? One theory is simply "because we can." There is a level of arrogance in the otherwise friendly American spirit, conning ourselves into believing there's something exceptional about us...We're biggest and the bestest at everything and we demand and take what we want.

And sometimes we have to be violent m*****f*****s to get it...

Next we have British jackass Piers Morgan - another America-hater who tolerates us for the fat paycheck it provides him - used Christmas as the opportunity to demand that God re-write the Bible to condone homosexuality: Via Twitchy:

The all-knowing Piers Morgan, in his infinite wisdom, declared tonight to his guest Pastor Rick Warren that it is time for an “amendment to the Bible” to cover gay marriage.

Ah....I am not sure God's laws are a "living document", meant to be altered to suit current fashion the way your view the Constitution   As a matter of fact, you'd need more than an "amendment" to insert gay marriage into the bible; you'd need an entire re-write and re-edit.  You'd need to get rid of that whole Sodom and Gomorrah section, for instance, and that phrase "an abomination".

Kind of gives away the game a bit, doesn't it, Piers?  Liberals would really like to remake religion in their own image - or at least in the image of the Cult of Global Warming.

And then there's CNN's (again with this network?) Roland Martin - an ignorant racist who decided that Christmas Eve was the time to demand that the grieving parents of Newtown, Connecticut display the bodies of their dead children like driveway Santas in order to advance the liberal agenda:

What if one of the mothers or fathers of the Newtown 20 demanded that police give them a crime scene photo of their child and they chose to show it to the world?
For too many of us, we hear about gun violence, we talk about it, we mourn it, but to be honest, we’ve never witnessed it.

What a freaking ghoul.  And CNN wonders whiles viewers stay away in droves....

How a liberal sees "Saint Nick"...

Why all this liberal anger and hatred towards Christmas, and while their constant attempts to sully it, deface it, and disfigure it?

Maybe it's just anger that we Americans are just too stupid to realize who the true Messiah is...a man born in 1961, in mud hut somewhere in Kenya....

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Jim - PRS said...

They hate Christmas,and they hate Jews. They pretend to really care about blacks. Michael Moore loves him some lard. There's that.