Friday, December 14, 2012

Chuck Hagel: The Secretary Of Defense Jews Deserve

Sure, he's an anti-Semite, trafficking in the most base of libels:

..Senator Hagel often appears before Arab-American groups to air his views regarding the Middle East....Says Hagel: "The political reality is that... the Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here."

(audio clip here)

Jews supported Barack Obama by a 69%-31% margin.  This, after four years of in-your-face disgust for Israel and for the Jewish people in general.

As I have said many times in the past, American Jews are not as smart as they are made out to be.  Or perhaps they are simply over-educated, and with their noses buried in books and journals, have forgotten that their survival is in peril every minute, something all the free health care and tax hikes in the world won't change.

They are about to be reminded.

The Jews have given Obama his flexibility, instead of taking away Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. And as we can see with the fiscal cliff "negotiations", boy-oh-boy is he going to use it.

Via The Lid, here are some of Hagel's greatest "hits" on Israel:

-In August 2006, Hagel was one of only 12 Senators who refused to write the EU asking them to declare Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

-In October 2000, Hagel was one of only 4 Senators who refused to sign a Senate letter in support of Israel.

-In November 2001, Hagel was one of only 11 Senators who refsued to sign a letter urging President Bush not to meet with the late Yassir Arafat until his forces ended the violence against Israel.

-In December 2005, Hagel was one of only 27 who refused to sign a letter to President Bush to pressure the Palestinian Authority to ban terrorist groups from participating in Palestinian legislative elections.

-In June 2004, Hagel refused to sign a letter urging President Bush to highlight Iran's nuclear program at the G-8 summit

To be fair, some did support Hagel's positions during his short-lived presidential campaign in 2008:

“Potential presidential candidates for 2008, like Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Joe Biden and Newt Gingrich, were falling all over themselves to express their support for Israel. The only exception to that rule was Senator Chuck Hagel …” [Council on American-Islamic Relations, 8/28/06]

Hot Air reports that key Jewish Democratic pressure groups & donors were huddling at the White House Hanukkah party and expressing their concern over a Hagel nomination.  I literally laughed out loud reading it.  These guys put party loyalty over their won flesh and blood, and now they are actually surprised that the anti-Semite they voted for actually means what he says?

They have forgotten Mein Kampf.  Also written by a man who meant everything he said.

I hope Hagel gets the nomination.  He's a shoo-in if he is, as the old-boy network in the Senate would never prevent a fellow alum from moving up the ladder, hateful policies or not.  And American Jews will have gotten the Secretary of Defense they voted for.


And you'll see me at synagogue, with a mile-wide smirk, as my fellow congregants (most of whom  - well, at least those who know my political stance - can't stand the sight of me) speak in worried whispers about what is going on around them, and what is happening to Israel.  And given the chance, I will say:

Told you so...  


Anonymous said...

Hey I am Jewish and I twice did not vote for Obama (2008 and 2012) so count me out of the schadenfreude. I was under no illusions about the man (I guess momma was right - I am very smart). Now all we need is to have John Kerry (the Bashaar Assad apologist) or Samantha Power(who wanted to invade Israel) at Foggy Bottom and we will be all set. I am starting to wish that Susan Rice actually was Secretary of State.

Anonymous said...

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