Thursday, December 20, 2012

Is Hillary Clinton Taking Hints From Atlas Shrugged?

We recall perhaps the most game-changing event within Atlas Shrugged, when Dagney's replacement at Taggart Transcontinental,  one Clifton Locey, gave the suicidal order for the Comet to go through the Taggart Tunnel with a coal-burning engine, out of fear of political repercussions?

Rep. Chalmers sent a telegram directly to James Taggart. It ran thus:

“Am held up on the Comet at Winston, Colorado, due to the incompetence of your men, who refuse to give me an engine. Have meeting in California of vital national importance. If you don't move my train at once, I'll let you guess the consequences.”

Taggart called Locey and harangued him, saying that at least when Dagny ran the operating department, James Taggart didn't have to worry about important passengers telegraphing him in the middle of the night.

Locey went to the New York City Terminal, rushed around the offices to give the impression of activity, and then sent a peremptory message to Mr. Mitchum, which read in part:

“Give an engine to Mr. Chalmers at once. Send the Comet through safely and without unnecessary delay. If you are unable to perform your duties, I shall hold you responsible before the Unification Board.

And when every person on the Comet was killed, by either fumes or by the collision with an oncoming train or the collapse of the tunnel?

Dagny Taggart come back to New York to take immediate charge. Clifton Locey had fled New York and pleaded a debilitating medical condition,

Which brings us to the Benghazi hearings, from which Ms. Clinton - allegedly in charge of the Department of State -seems to have fled, claiming a debilitating medical condition:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was set to face a grilling from Congress this week over the terrorist attacks in Benghazi...

America’s top diplomat was to provide her first public answers regarding the murder of US Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Now that won’t happen.

Clinton’s story beggars belief: While traveling in Europe, she contracted a stomach virus . . . which made her dehydrated . . . which made her faint at home . . . which caused her to fall and hit her head . . . which gave her a nasty concussion.

So Clinton’s deputies will appear in her stead...

You see, for these guys, Atlas Shrugged isn't a cautionary tale.  It's a freaking instruction manual...

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Leslie Fish said...

If she's taking instructions from ATLAS SHRUGGED, it's interesting that she's modeling herself on the villains, not the heroes.

--Leslie <;)))>< Fish