Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Briefcase 18, Being Held By...Hanukkah Hottie #5 ?

Have you ever watched "Deal or No Deal", and gazed lovingly upon a briefcase-wielding bombshell, and asked yourself, "I wonder if she's Jewish?"

Yeah, neither did we.  But just in case you did...the number to pick was 18 (at least in seasons 1 & 2):

Both of Donna's parents were born in Israel, and her first language was Hebrew.

She's done a number of TV and movie cameos, including Las Vegas and You Don't Mess With The Zohan.

She is currently signed to Mc2 Models in Ny/Miami/Tel Aviv as well as Ford Models in Chicago, Elite Amsterdam, Most Wanted Models in Munich/Hamburg, Ice Models in Cape Town, Look Models in San Francisco.

But the best thing?  Her freakin' name is Donna Feldman!  The ultimate Jewish-girl-next-door mother would be pleased as punch if you told her you were bringing a "Donna Feldman" home to meet the family.  But when she walked thru the door, well....Dad might be kvelling with pride in his son, but  your sweet bubby might plotz right then and there....

I dunno....the fifth night of Hanukkah may be the hottest...but judge for yourself:

Hanukkah Hottie No. 1Hanukkah Hottie No. 2,  Hanukkah Hottie No. 3Hanukkah Honey No. 4

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