Thursday, December 20, 2012

...but I am sure they'll do a fine job managing my health care...

Y-12. America's foremost nuclear weapons facility. Considered a virtually impenetrable installation; known as the "Fort Knox of Uranium".

Penetrated by three anti-nuke protesters - one of whom is an aging nun - and defaced back in late July, the failure of the plant's highly-touted security led to multiple federal investigations and two highly-charged congressional hearings.

Since then, the NNSA (National Nuclear Security Administration) have claimed a laundry list of improvements in security at the Y-12 site.

Sigh.  Just do you know when a government official is lying?  His or her lips are moving:

Four and a half months after Plowshares protesters broke into the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant, it appears that government contractors have yet to repair the fence where the initial entry took place.

The tie and the string was part of the handiwork of the protesters, trying to hide the cut fence in order to delay pursuit

Mind-boggling incompetence, stunning lies, and reckless endangerment.  Just another day in America under Barack Obama and the Democrats...

Can someone tell President Amnesty that he can hire two illegals and they'll have this repaired in twenty minutes?

I'll close with something I almost never do...quote approvingly from a "peace activist:"

Ralph Hutchison, coordinator of the peace alliance, said the lingering hole in the fence is significant for multiple reasons.

"First, of course, we should not have large holes in the fence that establishes the first line of defense for our nuclear weapons facilities," Hutchison said in a statement. A greater concern is how the NNSA and B&W Y-12 are doing their job at the site, he said.

"Since July 28, the public has heard assurances from the Secretary of Energy (Steven Chu) on down that the Plowshares action was a wake-up call, that security lapses were intolerable, that attention to detail was paramount, that all steps were being taken to address the lessons learned -- and yet a hole in the fence had not been discovered, nor had it been repaired," Hutchison said. "There is no excuse."

Hey Hutch - who'd you vote for in November, anyway? Oh, right...the guy who has an excuse for everything...

Just relax, Hutch 'ol boy, and just tell yourself..."It's all George Bush's fault"!

Then cover your ears, and wait for the loud boom...

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LibertyAtStake said...

Looks like Steven F. Chu's Nobel Prize wasn't for fence mending.