Thursday, December 06, 2012

Media Won't Let Their Foot Off The Republican's Throat

Why should they?  Barack Obama believes he can crush the soul of the Republican party permanently -should he win a victory to the "fiscal cliff" crises with his socialist solutions - and his sycophants in the media aren't going to walk away from him now.

Anna Pierce at Ricochet notices something we've pointed out numerous times - Obama's constant psychological projection of his own horrific personality traits onto Republicans:

President Obama regularly uses words that would accurately describe himself and his policies to describe Republicans and their policies.

Throughout his first term, Obama decried GOP “budget games,” “obstructionism” and unwillingness to “compromise,” at the same time insisting that it was Republicans, not he, who engaged in “blaming and finger-pointing.” He stigmatized “Republicans in Congress” as obstinate do-nothings at the very time he was: campaigning around the country instead of governing; giving hyper-partisan fundraising speeches; and refusing to submit a real budget or to meet with Republicans in the attempt to forge a budget.

It is thus that the national discussion of the budget (and of countless other issues) is preposterous to the point of being surreal. Lest we point out that Obama is the most ideological and the least compromising of presidents, Obama and the press accuse others of those very shortcomings.

Today, Republicans in Congress are again labeled extreme, even though it is the Obama team that has upped the ante, rejecting their own former taxing and spending goals for bigger ones. Has no one noticed that they have tried to convince the legislature to cede to the executive branch the power to raise the debt ceiling indefinitely by fiat? Does no one worry about their brazen plan to increase taxes by $1.6 trillion over six years, to load the budget with partisan priorities and to add $50 billion in stimulus spending and home mortgage refinancing ---without detailing any spending cuts?

Which of course gives us this:

And where is the GOP?  Why aren't they screaming their lungs out over this government-fed, media led perversion of the truth?

Oh, wait, I found a GOP representative!

You know, I don't believe one tyrannical takeover has ever been thwarted by good manners and and faith in an unbiased media.  Maybe someone ought to inform the Republican party of that little fact, before its elected members find themselves hung from the DC cherry blossoms for "economic treason"...

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LibertyAtStake said...

"Has no one noticed that they have tried to convince the legislature to cede to the executive branch the power to raise the debt ceiling indefinitely by fiat?"

History will notice. That's why the GOP should be willing to got to the mat - dive off the cliff and shut the gub'ment down when the ceiling is reached. If today's voting public is dumb enough to re-elect a tyrannical Leftist, perhaps tomorrow's voting public will learn from the history that re-election auto-generates.