Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hanukkah Hottie #6: Esti Ginzburg hates Bar Rafaeli !

Catfight!  A Jewish girl catfight! Holy Hanukkah, Batman!

But first...who is this Esti Ginzburg, our Hanukkah honey for night #6?  If you read Sports Illustrated, well, you probably know her:

Born in Tel Aviv, Esti has been modeling most of her life:

Here's where she differs from the equally beautiful Israeli  model & fellow SI bikini babe Bar Refaeli:

Ginzburg was drafted into the army (IDF) on 22 July 2009, and in early October of that year, while speaking in support of enlisting, caused headlines by criticizing fellow Israeli model Bar Rafaeli for avoiding military service via a short-lived marriage to a family friend. On joining the army Ginzburg said: "Military service is part of the things I personally believe in."


By comparison, here is Miss Refaeli:

Bar was a Hanukkah Hottie from back in 2009.  Her inclusion in our annual celebration of Jewish women drew this snarky comment from a reader:

Ummmm, not interested.

Do your research and you'll find that she's far from being a patriotic Israeli, dodged the draft and is regarded by a lot of Israelis as a moonbat airhead.

Fair enough.  In a fight, I'd take the patriotic Miss Ginzburg any day.  But please remember, Miss Refaeli:  Nothing personal.  Please.  Really.

Either way, the sixth night is Esti's night.  Shine on, baby!

Bring it, Bar!

The first five candles of Hanukkah still burn brightly here:

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Does this post (or perhaps even the entire series) fall under the purview of RS McCain's infallible Rule 5?  Time will tell, I suppose...)


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