Thursday, November 10, 2011

Representative Joe Walsh Answers Elizabeth Warren

The left is calling it a meltdown, but it is no angrier, and much more reality-based, than Elizabeth Warren's ugly rant against the private sector.  Rep. Walsh (R-Ill.) tries to explain to his constituents that it is the government that got us into this housing crisis, while they argue back with the Obama-generated, blame-the-banks class warfare trope.  Joe gets a bit...animated, but who doesn't when they are dealing with the one-track mindless muddle that is the liberal intellect?

The fact that it looks and sounds like it is about to break into a bench-clearing bar brawl makes the whole scene even more surrealistic....still, he'd liven up the debates.  Herman Cain without the sex rap, I suppose...

My favorite part:

Joe: "I need more coffee"
Constituent: "I think you've had enough"

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