Monday, November 07, 2011

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez: Caught Lying While Pushing The Obama Agenda

...and caught red-handed.  Senator Menendez (D-La Raza) is selling Obama's "Teachers and First Responders  Act", and tells a tremendous falsehood during the pitch.  Here's the video, the money quote begins at the 3:29 mark:

New Jersey alone, my home state, is facing a ten-and-a-half billion dollar shortfall in its 2012 fiscal budget," Menendez said. "This means more cuts in state and local spending for education, which means our kids are hurt."

Turns out Menendez (D-Illegal Immigrants) was just kidding. Or lying. Via Politics Patrol:

PolitiFact New Jersey put that to the test and found for the fiscal year 2012 budget adopted in June is, as required by state law, a balanced spending plan with no shortfall. “As for education spending, the budget actually increases state aid for public schools over the previous fiscal year.” When confronted with that,Tricia Enright, a spokeswoman for Menendez, acknowledged the senator was wrong to suggest there is a current budget shortfall. The verdict from PolitiFact New Jersey: “Since Menendez is wrong about there being a budget shortfall and education funding cuts, we rate this statement False.

The whole video comes across as a bad late-night infomercial pitch.  Telling tales of his childhood and the teachers of yore, quoting baseless CNN polls ( "three out of four folks agree that my plan is the way to go!"), and rolling out cost figures with no connection to reality is what I expect from a 2AM pitch targeted at brain-dead insomniacs, not from a Senator.

"Hey, I'm making stuff up here!  Right out of thin air!"

Guess Senator Hate Speech thought nobody would notice.  It's a bit harder to get away with lying these days, Senator, no matter how much the local media protects you.  if you can't defend your proposals with the truth, perhaps that signals an issue with your...proposals?  And your character....Menendez's blatant lying either shows an appalling lack of knowledge about basic monetary issues, or shocking disrespect for the intelligence of his constituents.

And based on recent polling, the folks in Jersey don't like being lied to, either.  Better be careful there, Bobby, or you might wind up on the same unemployment line your policies have put so many other of your fellow Americans...

And a side note: Surprised I never saw this PoliFact piece show up on My Yahoo!...

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Peila Kolassa said...

Is this the same "blatant" lying as the three prostitutes hired by the fright wing conservatives to claim sex with the senator then admitting they were paid between $300 and 400.00 dollars to lie? This post is much like the Dairy Queen employee who accepts a $200 bill, then gives $197.00 in change. More awe-inspiring amateur stupidity.
Thanks for the image, needed it to expose the prostitutes who owned up to being paid to lie on this guy.