Thursday, November 24, 2011

Media's "Obama Surge" Much, Much Less Than Advertised...

...OK, so I picked off this article from Yahoo! (whose story selection I have taken issue with many times before, most recently here), so it's not very different from White House spin.  But since that is all the media will give us anyway, let's see the dreck they are putting out:

It’s the stock market, stupid? Why Obama is no longer the underdog

Obama's poll results and approval ratings are ticking up now, too. While it's tempting to credit scandals (exhibit C and G) or infighting among Obama's potential Republican rivals, or Republican stubbornness in the ongoing deficit reduction debate, the simplest explanation harkens back to the signature phrase of Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign, "It's the economy, stupid."

Brighter economic news and the prospect of a decent holiday season have handicappers wagering that economic conditions, or at least momentum, will be sufficient next fall that many voters will consider themselves better off in 2012 than 2008, and pull the lever for Obama.

The "scandals" he refers to are Herman Cain's women problems, hardly a national issue and mostly forgotten. The "infighting" will also become ancient history one a nominee is declared (it always is). But to suggest somehow that the economic news is brightening? That's actually a deception, as the piece the author links to support that statement starts as follows:

A new Marist poll finds that the share of respondents who say that the worst is yet to come for the economy is at 53 percent. That's a lot, but it's less than the 68 percent who said so in September. Forty-one percent said the worst is behind us -- up from 35 percent last time.

 If people are going to vote based on their stock market, or their economic gut, Obama gets beaten like he took down McCain. Now maybe that is a surge for Obama - to only lose 53%-47% - but that is not what Yahoo! wants you to believe...

But don't listen to me - or Yahoo! - believe the evidence of your own eyes. Here's the massive crowd of Obama supporters that showed up to greet the president on a recent trip to New Hampshire:

And what about the "Occupy" movement that the Left would unite behind, as well as all good-hearted Americans, that would push Obama to victory on a platform promising "income equality" or some similar nebulous nonsense? Well, it's about as strong as Obama's support in New Hampshire. Via JWF, we see what's become of their "March on Washington", in which - to fawning media coverage - they announced their intention to walk from New York to DC to "spread the movement". So have their numbers swelled?

Or just their smelly feet?

We are entering into the first headwinds of the propaganda hurricane that will accompany the Obama campaign. This is just a spring shower compared to the downpours of crap that will rain upon our heads. Truth will matter less and less, as panic sets in and the fierce urgency of now takes hold.

Won't be able to keep them honest, but I'm gonna sure as hell try. At the very least, let's lift the curtain on the great, secret, and dangerous game the media is playing. Diminish their credibility, diminish their influence. That's why Oz hid behind a curtain, and Darth Vader under a dark helmet.

Because once people saw how petty, weak, and small they were, their powers were considerably diminished...

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