Saturday, November 12, 2011

Laid-Off MF Employees Have a Message For Jon Corzine

“F--k you, you f--kin’ f--k!”

That was on a t-shirt worn by one of the 1,066 hard-working people who were laid off yesterday from Jon Corzine's MF Global. Laid off because Jon Corzine went all-in with their company's(and their customers?) money on a bad bet - that sovereign debt would always be bailed out. A bet made with a 2008 mentality. A bet made by a man who thought the private sector was indistinguishable from the public, who treated customer accounts as if they were no more than taxpayer money, funds he could squander with no accountability.

A man who was Barack Obama's #1 Wall Street bundler, and was on the president's very short list to replace Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary.

More words from the people who's lives were destroyed by Jon Corzine:

“Happy holidays, Corzine, from all your employees who’ve been fired without severance packages!” a worker fumed at her former company CEO as she left the firm’s building at 717 Fifth Ave.
“I have two little kids, it’s almost Christmas, the economy stinks -- how am I gonna find a job?” said another worker who just cleaned out his desk...

 “It ended like this because of one man,” said Anthony DiMatteo, who worked for MF for 16 years. Corzine is “selfish, greedy,” he said.
If Corzine were around, DiMatteo told Bloomberg News, “I would punch him in the face.”

“He placed bets with people’s lives.....Anybody coming out of grad school could have told him not to make those bets,” said Desparois.
And, though he figured the layoffs were coming, Desparois said he wonders, “How long can I survive?”

Jon will survive - he's a billionaire, and a friend of Barack's to boot. His former employees at MF Global are not so lucky:

The 1,066 employees will be paid through next Tuesday, and health benefits will run out at the end of November. Bonuses and other financial perks won’t be paid, workers said.Out on the street. Broke, jobless, in an economy that goes further south every day. Maybe Corzine should reach out to those whose lives he ruined in an act of selfishness and stupidity, and offer them a bailout out of his own pocket. Giving 1,000+ people $100K each would hardly put a dent in his pocketbook, and may save the families of many he so recklessly put in peril.

But I don't think Jon will be redistributing his money in such a fashion. You see, as far as Democrats are concerned, redistribution is taking the money out of other people's pockets and putting it into theirs, not the other way around.

And why haven't the Republicans been all over this - a Democrat's destruction of jobs, lives, and families, all in the name of Wall Street greed, all while working closely with Barack Obama, who is running his re-election campaign based on opposition to these very same themes?

If they can't capitalize on this, we might just lose in 2012 after all...

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Belfor Reno said...

It is always hard when you get laid off. Especially in this economy when it will be hard to find another job.