Saturday, November 07, 2009

Obama Turns His Back On Israel

While Major Hasan shoots down servicemen in Ft. Hood, Barack Obama goes further and further out of his way to isolate Israel, treating them with the disdain one would show a pariah regime. Eating away at us from the inside, I suppose...

Anyway - one would think that with both Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu attending the same conference (United Jewish Congress) in the same place at the same time, they would sit for a chat, no?

Ah, no. I guess this is "smart diplomacy":

...the Jerusalem Post reports that several American Jewish leaders say their optimism about a meeting is waning as Netanyahu’s arrival approaches with no meeting announced. Haaretz has a similar report.

The Jewish leaders told the Post that “the White House wanted to be assured it would be receiving something from Netanyahu in return.”

Just the way you'd try to treat a leader who you wanted to de-legitimze before his own people. No doubt Obama would like to work with a more dovish Israeli prime minister, but if he thinks the Israeli people want to see their Prime Minister kowtow before an American president just for the sake of receiving an audience, well...I guess Obama understands the Jews as well as he understands his basic economics.

So how about some actual, you know, smart diplomacy?

Holding a meeting with the prime minister of Israel would be a useful signal to Iran, as the latter continues its rope-a-dope strategy of precondition-less meetings with Obama, that U.S. patience is waning.

Seems like Obama is trying to do the exact opposite, to strengthen the Iranian's hand by stepping away from Israel, almost to purposely make her more vulnerable. Why - I cannot even imagine. At a time like this, with a nuclear shadow hanging over their heads, Israel needs their friends more than ever.

Too bad her best one just skipped out...

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Publius said...

What mean Pariah regime?

Would that be like Venezuela? Nope he hugged hugo. Would that be like the Honduras president who illegally tried to change the constitution and extend his term? Nope, Obama supported him. Would it be like Iran, who despite sanctions from the UN are still trying to make nuclear weapons? Nope, we are talking to them.

So where did we get some kind of back bone to stand up to those evil zions? I am confused?