Tuesday, November 03, 2009

New Jersey Turnout Report #4: Where Are The Democratic Hordes?

Dark blue Hoboken is looking...blue for Corzine, as even loyal Democrats seem unwilling to get out and vote for his sorry ass:

If Hoboken is navy blue, my ward is even more so. We vote the way the Democratic machine wants. One of the mayoral candidates actually has campaign posters showing herself with Corzine. I've been voting at the same polling place at roughly the same time for the last 12 years. No lines this morning at 7:15. I was number 43 an hour and fifteen minutes after the polls opened. There were fewer people than for the mayoral election last spring. In fact, it looked more like the school budget vote in April. Last November I waited over an hour and the place was a zoo.

So the suburbs are active, the cities are quiet. Bad, bad news for a Democrat....

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