Tuesday, November 03, 2009

New Jersey Turnout Report #6: GOP Turnout Outpacing Dems?

...it appears that way, especially in the "swing" districts (neither fully Republican or Democrat) within the state. With a grain of salt, as this report is based on about six or so polling places in swing districts:

A trusted source tells me that as of noon, total turnout in the GOP the swing districts in NJ is significantly outpacing turnout in Democrat districts. The turnout ratio is not quite two to one, but it's not that far from it.

Now, this should NOT be interpreted as ipso facto evidence that Chris Christie is going to win. Democratic districts may have more voters show up later in the day. This isn't an exit poll, and we have no idea how the folks in any of these districts are voting; we just know that they're showing up and voting.

But, as of this morning, turnout was higher Republican areas of the state than in Democratic ones, and that has to make Chris Christie and his supporters feel like they're doing their jobs well...

The Democrats - especially in Newark, where turnout has been extremely light - are now claiming that they represent "working communities" where folks will most likely vote after 5PM. Maybe, but that's assuming that Republicans don't work, hence their early advantage.

Unlikely. And I bet more than a few Republicans will be voting tonight as well....

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