Tuesday, November 03, 2009

New Jersey Turnout Report #5: A Newark Nightmare for Democrats

How's that get-out-the-vote effort going in Newark, a Democratic stronghold and an area key to a Corzine victory?

Terribly. Not that they want to admit that, but the facts on the ground suck for Crooked Jon:

Overall turnout in New Jersey's largest city is hovering near 30% of where it was last year when Barack Obama ultimately racked over 77,112 votes, according to Democratic Party sources on the ground.

That is below the goal of 50% the Corzine campaign wants in Newark, where incumbent Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine won 39,573 votes in 2005.

A South Ward source says operations are "humming, not buzzing."

The Democratic incumbent's targeted Obama allies - so-called "surge voters" - are going to the polls, however, the response by regular registered voters in other South Ward districts is light so far, says the source.

In the Central Ward, morning results are less than 25% of turnout numbers achieved by this time last year, according to a Central Ward party

25-30% of 2008's turnout is simply not going to cut if for Jon Corzine. Again, this matches what we've been reporting all day: Brisk in the 'burbs, quiet in the cities....

That smell that's wafting past you right now? It's the ink drying on falsified absentee ballots...'cause that may be the only hope Jon Corzine has left...

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