Monday, September 28, 2009

Rush Holt: My Constituents Are Selfish Bastards

Rush Holt (D-NJ), a man who's district is 40-45% Republican and represents them by voting with the far-left wing of his party 98% of the time has figured out the problems with these pesky individuals who refuse to fall in line with his agenda. Speaking to the Asbury Park-Press late last week, he said the following:

About half of the angry voters who attended the meetings are still upset that President Obama won last November's election and have not yet had the opportunity to express it, Holt said.

Holt also said he has noticed an unsettling sense of selfishness among the health care reform protesters.

"This "I've got mine, you get yours' attitude is really offensive," Holt said. "It is a nasty streak."

Amazing. The idea that you may want to hold on to something that you have worked your whole life to achieve is offensive to Congressman Holt. The notion that it is somehow unfair that everyone will now have to pay higher taxes and fees and insurance rates in order to cover the health care of less than 10% of all Americans (including some who can afford, but choose not to, insure themselves) is now a nasty sentiment. The fact that socialized medicine will actually bring down the level of heath care for 90% of all Americans in order to bring up the level for the remaining 10% is apparently an "unsettling selfish" fact, and not to even be discussed.

Actually, Holt's heath care push and moral deriding of those who oppose him is all about his own selfishness. Holt it more than willing to enslave the next generation to a high-tax, low productivity economy so that he can continue his moral preening at the Princeton cocktail party circuit. Holt is looking to take away the rights and privileges you worked a whole lifetime to achieve to those who cannot earn it, and do not deserve it, so he can feel better about himself - and he demands you react in the same way. Holt is the one taking your family's health care away, as well as additional money out of your paycheck to pay for it - and boy, if that doesn't qualify as "offensive" behavior by an elected official, I don't know what does.

Holt's a man who hates 45% of his constituents. There is no other conclusion to draw, based on his ugly, no doubt racially-tinged remarks about those who dare - dare! - oppose liberal dogma and the re-shaping of America into a socialist swamp.

Holt's 2010 opponent Mike Halfacre is well aware of this story, and has blasted Holt for his "elitism" on his website. Good for Mike. Holt doesn't seem too concerned; me, I think he forgets that he represents people other than himself. Hopefully we'll show him next November...

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