Tuesday, September 22, 2009

EU on Global Warming: Don't Deliberate, Just Legislate !

It must be so frustrating for the Commissars of the EU - unelected bureaucratic functionaries who can "legislate" as they please - to have to wait for the United States to go through a democratic process before climbing on board the European train to hell.

Check out the simmering rage at the United Nations, as the Euro-trash grows frustrated with us stupid Americans, as we put our cap and trade bill on the back burner:

Prompted by remarks last week by Harry Reid, the US Senate majority leader, that cap and trade legislation might be pushed back to next year, John Bruton, the EU ambassador to the US, blamed the Senate for holding up the global agenda.

“Sometimes in this country, the greatest deliberative body in the world [the Senate] acts as though it is the only deliberative body in the world and that we should all wait until it gets healthcare passed,” he said.

“There is a global timetable and the US Senate is fully aware of it . . . The world cannot wait on the Senate’s timetable.”

US officials say their European counterparts fail to understand US political processes....

Seems like that good old-fashioned European urge for totalitarianism is becoming resurgent. Germany needed Hitler to restore their economy (and national pride), Italy needed Mussolini to make the trains run on time, the Arabs need despots to control their propensity for violence, and the West needs rulers who will...subordinate their nations to the doctrines of global warming.

Does Obama buy this? Of course he does. But for Barack Obama, it's always about Barack Obama, and he can't have people conflating the tax increases of his cap and trade plan with the tax increases of his heath care plan (which he needs to pass to prove the Almighty Power of The One). He'll whisper sweet nothings into the ears of Europe's unelected kings and queens, and tell them to be patient, for by this time next year...


Conservative Libertine said...

Yes Virginia, there is global warming. It's just very arrogant and naive to think it's all due to 'green house gases'.


So what do you think the correct temperature of the planet should be? The one that they have known during their lifetime?

puhleeese..... Just another revenue stream for government. A secret tax.

The JerseyNut said...

It's like your recent post, "The Existence Tax".
The myth of "global warming" is necessary simply as a means to tax (and control)the very air we breathe.

The Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves...