Thursday, September 24, 2009

Obama Snubs The Brits (again)

So it wasn't bad enough that President Obama returned a bronze bust of Winston Churchill that had, since 9/11, been on loan as a sign of strength and friendship from our allies across the pond. And apparently Obama didn't show enough disdain for the British when he gave Prime Minister Brown a discount pack of DVDs as a gift, while Brown brought Obama a pen holder fashioned from the timber of HMS Gannet, a ship that served on anti-slavery missions off Africa. And no, he had no intention to disrespect the Queen of England by giving her an iPod filled with his speeches, while his churlish wife patted her condescendingly on the back.

No, for some reason the depths of Obama's hatred and disdain of the British have not yet been reached. Once again, yesterday, he found a way to slap our staunchest allies in the face:

Gordon Brown lurched from being hailed as a global statesman to intense embarrassment tonight, after it emerged US President Barack Obama had turned down no fewer than five requests from Downing Street to hold a bilateral meeting at the United Nations in New York or at the G20 summit starting in Pittsburgh today...

But Obama has held bilateral meetings in New York with the Chinese president, Hu Jintao, the Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, and the new Japanese prime minister, Yukio Hatoyama...

Some in the British press are not amused:

What are we to make of this? This country has proved, through the bravery of men like Acting Sgt Lockett, America’s staunchest ally in Afghanistan. In return, the American President treats the British Prime Minister with casual contempt. The President’s graceless behaviour is unforgivable.... Mr Obama owes this country a great deal for its unflinching commitment to the American-led war in Afghanistan but seems incapable of acknowledging the fact. You might have thought that after the shambles of Mr Brown’s first visit to the Obama White House - when there was no joint press conference and the President’s “gift” to the Prime Minister was a boxed DVD set - that lessons would have been learned. Apparently not... Mr Obama’s churlishness is fresh evidence that the US/UK special relationship is a one-way street.

This is a dangerous but legitimate sentiment from the Brits. I guess Obama feels that since he wasn't president before January 20th,2009, all favors done for this nation before The Days Of The One are no longer valid currency. Apparently, all alliances are now "off the table" and any future acts of friendship will be based on a "what have you done for me lately" basis, the "me" being not the United States of America but for Barack Obama.

Why would the Brits ever help us again, based on the treatment they have received from Obama? They won't, but that doesn't concern the president, who seems more anxious to pull us into an alliance with South American dictatorships than thriving European democracies. It's almost as if our foreign policy was being run by a college sophomore, just indoctrinated into Western Civilization by his tenured, socialist college professor, who still has pictures of himself in his office smoking weed at Woodstock.

Unless this is Michelle Obama's doing? From the British press, in March:

We may just LURVE Michelle's fashion sense. But Michelle doesn't reciprocate our affection, one bit. Her broad-brush view of history associates Brits with the wicked white global hegemony responsible for the slave trade. Never mind that a white, Tory Englishman - William Wilberforce - brought the slave trade to an end. Judging by her record, Michelle does not make room for such subtle nuance.

Sorry, our erstwhile friends. Our new president has 200 year-old scores to settle, and whatever you've think you have done for us lately, it's not enough to satisfy The One...

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NeveraDem said...

Well written. More people should tell the truth concerning President Peace Prize. Another of my favorites was The Great One's 2009 Cairo speech. Too bad that the change was limited to the US. I always thought that President Messiah would be perfect in the EU or his native Kenya.