Monday, August 07, 2006

Straight Talk from John Bolton

The Man doesn't pussy-foot around with the terrorist-supporting media:

Reporter: I have two questions. Mr. Ambassador, would you ask Israel to withdraw from Shebaa Farms first? And second, would you invite here Hassan Nasrallah to go to come and discuss directly with him the issues of prisoners?

Ambassador Bolton: I have zero desire to discuss any issues with leaders of a terrorist group. And in terms of what we do on Shebaa Farms, that's one of the reasons we asked the Secretary General for proposals. The Security Council, all five permanent members, concluded that Israel had fully withdrawn from Lebanese territory some years back and that's a clear decision by the Council. If there's going to be a change in the condition of Shebaa Farms, that's for Syria and Lebanon to decide.

Remember when Europe decided to give part of Czechoslovokia to Hitler's Germany, because, well, he said it was his and he wanted it? Didn't seem to slow him down a bit; probably put a bit of wind in his sails, actually.

Bolton has learned from history; has the rest of the world?

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