Saturday, August 05, 2006

Our Friends the Finns!

Via It Shines for All:

A conscript to Finland's military tells me that in a training lecture at boot camp the instructor told the recruits that President Bush is "the worst terrorist since Adolf Hitler." Bin Laden and Bush were referred to as the "two idiots."
During the presentation, the conscript tells me, the instructor "had pictures of Bin Laden, Bush and Saddam up next to each other."
They were also told "along the lines of 'we have Israel and the US to thank for all the crises and wars in this world.'"...

Finland holds the rotating presidency of the European Union.

What a deep moral carvern Europe has fallen doubts if they can been saved.
Remember this, when the left points to Europe as our potential societal model...

And remember this - from the Brussels Journal:

The Council of the European now discussing at what age the finger-prints of children can be compulsory taken for EU passports.
The issue will not be decided by parliaments - national or European - but by a "comitology" committee meeting in secret: this "Article 6" committee is composed of representatives of the 25 governments and is chaired by the European Commission.....

....the EU Council Presidency proposes that:
Scanning of fingerprints up to 12 years of age [...] is permissible if provided for by national legislation.
From 12 years of age: compulsory.

As Europe's values spin out of control with the influx of hate-filled Islamists, the EU has decided bravely to crack down on the freedoms of...Europeans.

Prediction: The more the Islamists throw the world into chaos, the more the EU will crack down hard on the few people they still have under their power. Not unlike the UN, who knows it cannot effect the actions of Hezbollah, so it ignores their genocidal transgressions and puts all of its weight to bear against Israel for the crime of defending itself against those out of the sphere of UN influences...

Two twisted moralities, vainly weilding power to hide from their enemies and punish those who come out and fight, desperately hoping to buy a few more minutes in a position of power, or to retain power under the coming caliphate...

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