Monday, August 14, 2006

Palestinian Savagery, Part 63

Now why is this Palestinian woman (a mother, incidentally) grinding her heels into the neck of an already-dead 22 year old?

And why are hundreds of Palestinians taking photos of him with their cellphones?

The man is Bassem Malah, summarily executed by Islamic Jihad after accusations of collaberation with Israel. The women on his neck is the mother of a jihadi killed some four-plus years back, with no ties to Malah whatsoever.

The loose ends of this sick story are tied together at the Riehl World View .

Incidentally, there is no explanation given for the leering Palis with their cellphone cameras. Even the civilian German populace during WWII took very few pictures of the Jews being victimized in public; deep in their hearts perhaps even they knew an unspeakable evil was afoot.

The Palestinians, of course, lack even that basest of moral centers....

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