Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sheehan Moves to Texas!

One of Cindy Sheehan's deranged followers has deep pockets, and helped her decieve the honest citizens of Crawford, Texas:

Cindy Sheehan, who gained international attention a year ago for protesting the Iraq war, returned to the town near President George W. Bush's ranch on Sunday to resume her protest.

Talking to reporters, Sheehan defended the purchase of a 5-acre (2 hectare) plot of land for use as a protest location. The land was purchased by her supporters through a third party to keep secret her connection to it.
"I just had a third party do it because I know that they wouldn't have sold property to me," Sheehan said.
The previous owner of the property, Celia Ramsey, told ABC News, "We were duped, we were deceived, we had no idea" that Sheehan was behind the purchase.

You mean Sheehan and her leftist lackeys have resorted to deception and lies in order to further their cause? Shocked, I am!

But here's the kicker:

Reporters and camera crews outnumbered protesters at the camp set up on the land, although organizers were hoping that more Sheehan supporters would arrive later.

There are no protesters at Cindy's Camp of Lies because Sheehan has no support among the American people; her opportunism seems to repulse even many of the true believers within the anti-war camp.

The huge media presence at Camp Cindy is more interesting, of course, and easily explainable - she is their hero; they have no problem with lying and deceit to further an agenda, and of course they approve of her agenda. Doesn't seem as if the media quite understands why the rest of America refuses to follow her (or them), but they'll keep shilling for Cindy and her demented dance on her son's grave as long as possible...

UPDATE: The depravity of Sheehan's "agent" matches her own:

Gerry Fonseca, a Vietnam veteran who attended the protests in August and April, returned to Crawford in June to help the group look for property.
Fonseca said he doubts that any Crawford landowner would have sold to Sheehan or other protesters, so he didn't reveal his connection. Fonseca, who lost his Slidell, La., home in Hurricane Katrina, told sellers about that part of his life and that he wanted to build.

He bought the $52,500 lot in mid-July, using insurance money that Sheehan received after her oldest son Casey was killed in Iraq in 2004.

This is somehow even worse - Sheehan used her son's life insurance money to befoul his memory; with the help of Fonseca, who concocted a story using Hurricane Katrina in order to pull the heartstrings of the innocent folk of Crawford, Texas.

Absolutely disgusting - and they wonder why no one will follow?

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