Thursday, August 31, 2006

Media Attempts to Thwart Aristotle !

The Anchoress, quite brilliantly, explains quite clearly why the mainstream media refuses to call a thing what it is:

I know that somewhere in the minds of these movers and shakers they think they are protecting Muslims-in-general from reactionary prejudice, distrust and bias from us unruly, racist, mouth-breathing Americans (because we went nuts and burned down mosques after 9/11, right? We took to the streets and rampaged and lynched anyone named Abdul back then, right?) but the truth is, by their incessant downplaying, their knee-jerk move to protect-and-explain perps like this, they’re just making some people very resentful, and in the end, I think that’s going to do more to foment prejudice and bias, distrust and hate toward decent Muslim persons than would simply acknowledging the fact that when these Fundamentalists DO this crap, it is what it is - an act of aggression, hate and terror - and not some “mistake” that can be cooed away.

The MSM is trying to overturn one of Aristotle's basic laws of reality:

Everything that exists has a specific nature. Each entity exists as something in particular and it has characteristics that are a part of what it is...

To have an identity means to have a single identity; an object cannot have two identities. A tree cannot be a telephone, and a dog cannot be a cat. Each entity exists as something specific, its identity is particular, and it cannot exist as something else...

The concept of identity is important because it makes explicit that reality has a definite nature.
-A is A: Aristotle's Law of Identity

In Aristotle’s words, "A is A". It means that a thing is itself and no other thing. It means that a thing has a specific nature and no other nature. It means simply that there are no contradictions in reality.

An Islamist shooting up a school full of girls is not an "isolated incident"; nor is a Muslim fundamentalist running down Jews on the street practicing some run-of-the-mill "road rage". It is Muslim terrorism here at home, plain and simple. But our elite media knows we cannot handle the truth, so they keep telling us "no, don't believe the evidence of your eyes, for you see, A is B."

But a thing is what it is, and claiming "A" is "B" does not make it "B". The media is trying to go against one of the primary principles of human philosophy and human thought, indeed trying to change the very nature of reality itself, in order to push an agenda.

But Aristotle, and the American people, are pushing back. Becuase knowing what a thing is, is basic to human survival. Reality cannot be undone; survival instincts cannot be surpressed...and this may lead to the flashback that the Anchoress seems to be predicting.

In Ayn Rand's epic novel Atlas Shrugged (a thousand-page philosophical treaty which sets out to prove Aristotle's theorem), the denial of reality by the world's leadership causes an eventual mass breakdown of society, as those whom argue that "A" is actually "B" are rendered helpless when the reality of moral choices and economic imperatives can no longer be ignored. Does the media face a similar fate? Is it destined to be undone, to be broken into little shrieking pieces, when the truths they are so desperately hiding finally, undeniably, break lose from their cage?

Rand would shrug...

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What an excellent article. No if you could just email it to all our politicians, the MSM,, and the like ....

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Nice job.