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Jon Huntsman As The New "Not-Romney"? Are You Kidding Me?

I'm not a regular reader of Red State, so I missed this bit (via Hot Air) where Mr. Erickson opines that if Jon Huntsman weren't such an asshole, he'd be a contender by now:

I think it was a big mistake for Huntsman to write off Iowa....

...While I have issues with his record as Governor, it is much more conservative than Mitt Romney’s and he has a much, much greater cross-party and independent appeal than Mitt Romney. People kind of like he doesn’t give a crap about pandering.

But everyone closes their lament feeling Huntsman made a strategic decision to not ignore conservatives like Romney, but to give them the middle finger

And how did Huntsman respond to this plea for civility from a wannabe backer? Why, by giving him his middle finger!

Even before the results were in, Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman had a message for whoever won the Iowa caucus: "Welcome to New Hampshire. Nobody cares."

I'm sure that remark will help him lock up Iowa in the general election, should he survive that far. Although maybe it's just simply that Huntsman is such a focused panderer, that he can't get his head out of New Hampshire's butt-crack. From mid-November:

"I don't care what the rest of the country thinks or feels; that's not important. I do care about what the people of New Hampshire feel."

There's that middle finger again! Lord knows we've seen it before, and as usual, always directed at conservatives. For instance - do you doubt the corrupt science behind the "climate change"scam? If so, Jon's got a message for you:

Jon Huntsman tweeted today:

To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.

A sloppy, backhanded way of calling conservatives "crazy". No wonder the media loves him so (“Huntsman is a liberal’s idea of what a Republican ought to be..." ).

But it's not just conservatives Huntsman holds disdain for. Much like the current occupant of the White House, he doesn't seem to hold a lot of love for his country, or his countrymen. Obama's former Ambassador to China won't defend us from the negative perceptions that foreign despots conjurer up to protect themselves, instead, he identifies with it:

On the campaign trail, Huntsman often dwells on how America is viewed from abroad. “From 10,000 miles away, folks, let me just tell you that we lack humanity, we lack civility, we lack basic respect for which this country should be known,” Huntsman told one crowd.

Actually, it is Jon Huntsman who lacks basic respect - for his nation, for his party, and for Americans as a whole. Mixed in with an obnoxious condensation for all those who don't agree with him (something he picked up from his time in the Obama administration, perhaps?), you have an unlikable fellow with a piss-poor attitude, and someone who is so convinced of his own perfection that any would-be detractors are not to be debated, but merely insulted and dismissed...

We already have a man like that in politics. Goes by the name of Barack Hussein Obama. I don't believe for a second any serious Republicans are giving this guy (Huntsman, not Barack) a real look as our possible presidential nominee.

Is Romney that bad, where we would choose an "serial abuser" to represent us instead, hoping that maybe if we do give him what he wants, he'll finally stop beating us?

No. Next to Huntsman, Romney's a mensch. Huntsman is a man lost in time - that time being 2008:

Huntsman doesn’t represents any particular Republican faction. Rather, he represents a point in time — late 2008 through spring 2009 — when a lot of ”smart” people in the GOP seemed to believe that the Obama ascendancy was more or less permanent....

It's as if a Republican candidate left town in 1976, upon Carter's election, and returned in 1980 talking about detente and appeasement with the Soviet Union, only to be faced with a fellow named Reagan talking about an "evil empire".

Looking forward to seeing Huntsman get his ass kicked in New Hampshire. I don't care by who.  I just want to see a conservative boot-print on his posterior, that's's long overdue.

Take that, you motherf*ck*ng RHINO...

UPDATE 1/5: More nastiness from our wannabe king:

Mitt Romney marked his arrival in New Hampshire on Wednesday with an endorsement by Senator John McCain, one of the state’s favorite adopted sons...

The endorsement drew a snarl from Jon M. Huntsman Jr. , who skipped Iowa, where he drew 1 percent of the vote, to campaign instead in New Hampshire. “You can get all the Doles and all the McCains in the world, as Romney probably will,” said Mr. Huntsman, referring to former Senator Bob Dole, the party’s nominee in 1996. “But in the end, who cares

Stay classy, Jon...

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