Monday, January 16, 2012

Income Equality: What Is It Good For?

Only as a weapon for the Left to bludgeon the American people with, so that they will be guilted into giving up more of their hard-earned money to the government:

The hyperventilating on the left over income inequality is almost entirely self-interested: an excuse for transferring the new wealth from the people who created it (and made us all richer thereby) to politicians who will use it to buy votes...

Why is income inequality all the rage nowadays? Because the previous cudgel - racism - was swung so often that it became a soft, useless weapon, now openly mocked rather than feared. And it is hard to make a society feel guilty about "leaving the poor to starve" when the majority of  its middle-class citizens feels they are only minutes away from that fate themselves.

So now we have the liberals and the media pushing "income inequality" as our latest, greatest sin, only solvable by - you guessed it - government intervention. Looks like they are planning to put spikes on this mace and swing it wildly during the 2012 election season, counting on it both as an offensive weapon and as a defensive one ("who will call for the income less-abled, if not us?").

It's just another class-warfare offensive, waged asymmetrically by the Democratic party's irregulars in the mainstream media. Barack Obama and the Left are counting on the fact that people will look at their shrinking incomes, their rising costs, their lowering standards of living, and blame...someone who makes a few bucks more than them. And so empower the government to wrest it from their neighbors by force, and redistribute it back to them.

Orwell was right...and the pigs are upon us...

Fat chance. Of the government ever redistributing more than 1% of what they heist, I mean. And of the American people ever turning on themselves like that. Barack Obama is hoping for Keynesian results from Keynesian stimulus - fear, loathing, and rioting.

UK riots, summer 2011

He simply does not understand the people he pretends to lead. But Barack Hussein Obama never has, nor has he cared to try.  It's irrelevant, actually, to what he intends to accomplish...

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LibertyAtStake said...

Excellent analysis. The only thing I might have adjusted was to replace "Keynesian results from Keynesian stimulus" with "Alinksyite results from Alinksyite agitation." He will get his fear, loathing, and rioting - from the one tenth of one percent of the population being outed as his base. 2012 will be the year we shine the disinfectant of sunlight upon the American Leftist underbelly.

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"