Friday, January 06, 2012

The Huntsman Campaign Hearts Rachel Maddow

Yeah, OK, I wrote about what an asshole he was just that other day, and to myself, I thought, I'm done with this guy.

But every day he sinks to a new low, in his contempt for the Republican party whose banner he so dearly wants to carry.  Via The Weekly Standard, which calls him a Rachel Maddow Republican:

There's no question Jon Huntsman has been praised by more Democrats and left leaning commentators than any of the other Republican presidential candidates. But until now, that praise has gone one way. Earlier this week, however, Huntsman's top fundraiser, Ann Herberger, announced her new “hero” was MSNBC's Rachel Maddow.

How nice that his campaign tweets out love for a vile, radical liberal - a cog in MSNBC's Democratic propaganda machine - who has made a career out of lying about honest, decent people who disagree with "The Agenda". No wonder Huntsman gets so much liberal support. He's one of them, right down to the disdain he shows for his fellow Republicans. Not to mention his fellow Americans.

And yet, some desperate people are giving him a second look. I'm starting to wonder if, after only three years of Obama, Republicans aren't developing a bit of Battered Wife Syndrome.

No, she didn't just get home from "date night with a liberal"...she just voted for Jon Huntsman....

Key thing to remember here:

This might not kill Huntsman in New Hampshire, where Democrats and independents often participate in the Republican primary, but it probably won't help him in South Carolina or Florida.

If Huntsman even finishes third in New Hampshire, the media will elevate him to front-runner status, as he's the closest they'll get to a Barack Obama White House in 2013. Don't fall for the hype, you'll only wind up on the floor again, battered and bruised, wondering why he shows his love for you in such a mean, ugly way....

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