Saturday, January 14, 2012

Michelle Obama Gets Booed By Pre-Teens

Yeah, well, everyone hates a buttinsky, and kids have a much more accurate and sensitive bullshit meter than the 21+ crowd. 

A disclaimer of sorts, first:

A screaming, raucous auditorium filled with elementary and middle school students greeted Obama and the cast of the Nickelodeon TV show “iCarly” at Hayfield Secondary School in Fairfax County.

Were these kids in fact screaming for Michelle Obama? Well, Fairfax is a suburb of DC, one of the richest suburbs in the nation, and houses primarily government employees, albeit of the six-figure variety (which is no longer a subgroup, and more likely the predominant one). So perhaps they should be big supporters of the Obamas, being that Barack and Michelle are looting the rest of the nation to make their parents rich.

Then again, it helps to appear in the company of the stars of the hottest teen show on TV. Were the kids cheering wildly for Moochelle, or for "iCarly" stars Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy?

No way to know. But this is revealing:

During a question-and-answer session with students, Obama drew a handful of playful boos when she was asked about school lunches and talked about legislation she and her husband supported to add more vegetables to the school lunch program.

Taking note of the reaction, she said, “But this is for you all.
… It’s hard to do what you do if you’re not healthy.”

She concluded with a simple admonition: “Eat your vegetables

"Playful"? I suppose we'll have to rely on our unbiased media for that unwarranted description. But no surprise that the kids are revolted by the new "healthy" meals being forced down their throats, and even less surprising that they booed the woman who stood in front of them bragging about coming up with the idea, and scolding them for objecting to her role as an unasked-for surrogate mother.

(Kids, by the way, will go hungry rather than eat food they don't like. So starving them is one way for the Obamas to claim they are winning the "obesity battle", I suppose...)

But I like the kids gut reaction to a government official telling them what is in their best interest. If our future Tea Partiers are being groomed now - albeit unwittingly - in the school districts of the most pro-government suburb in the nation, then our future as a nation might be brighter than we suppose...


Anonymous said...

No sh*t sherlock. The argument is about the first lady promoting healthy eating.

And Michelle Obama being mentally and physically unhealthy? Put the crack pipe away.

She is a lovely charming smart lady. A racist *sshole like you would be lucky to get a wife of even 1/2 of her beauty and brains.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous please show me where in the above article the racism is?
You may not agree with the writer but you are showing your own ignorace and lack of judgment when you start screaming about something that isnt even presented.