Thursday, January 26, 2012

Finally: A Plausible Reason To Re-Elect Barack Obama!

Seth Mandel takes this from the president's State of the Union/2012 Campaign Kickoff Speech aired this past Tuesday:

The implication was that he hadn’t really done anything, but jobs were somehow coming back anyway so he should be re-elected because if the American economy is strong enough to withstand a first term of his, it can probably withstand another one.

Probably. Unless he actually fulfills his promise to, ahem, "finish the job he started". But based on his record of actually keeping promises - as opposed to simply making them - I think we'd manage to survive.

Or one might just say the president leads the same way Homer Simpson parents:

Homer: I make you kids lots of promises, that's what makes me a good father

Lisa: Actually, keeping promises makes you a good father

Homer: No, that makes me a great father...

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