Monday, January 09, 2012

Tyranny Writ Small

When this sort of thing starts to happen, it is time to start plucking the chickens and heating up the tar.  Folks like this need to be run out of government, and convicted of unlawful imprisonment.

And when they aren't, and don't, things only go downhill from here.  The New York Post:

A power-crazed Hamptons politician locked a young contractor in his Southampton office and subjected him to a bizarre rant after bilking him out of thousands of dollars for work done on his Hampton Bays home, the angry businessman told The Post.

The contractor, Anthony Prosano, 23, says he managed to audio-record the incident, in which the small-time politician is allegedly heard abusing the little authority he does have.

“You are f--king playing in a pool you don’t belong in!” seethes James Malone, the Southampton town councilman and deputy Suffolk County clerk, after allegedly locking Prosano in his office.

After Prosano tells Malone that he can’t lawfully detain him there, Malone allegedly claims that his political post gives him that right.
“No, I can!” Malone allegedly bellows on the tape. “Yes, I can! I’m deputy county clerk! I’m holding you

Sigh.  "I'm a deputy clerk!", as if all should quail before him.  Gee..ever get the feeling that some of these politicians are not in it for the "public service"?

When confronted with the audio, what did our town clerk have to say?

Malone did not return calls or e-mails for comment.

Maybe he smells that cauldron of boiling tar?  Malone is a Republican, by the way...all the more reason to give him the boot.  If we start to act like the people we are trying to overcome...

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